Just a few suggestions

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  • Just a few suggestions

    The white apartments near the gunstore are like 65k, what's up with that. Those are suppose to be the apartments new people are suppose to buy for like 20k. I would mark that down a bit.

    Also I think the casino is kinda hurting the economy. like, nobodys lost anything to it. It's only doubled peoples cash, now the casinos empty and needs refilling. I think we should just get rid of it and let people earn the money.
  • Re: Just a few suggestions

    Yellow apartments near gunstore are 35k, the cheapest ones.

    I lost ALL my money at the casino so.... pfft.
    [img width=500 height=312]http://www.rdos.net/eng/poly12c.php?p1=83&p2=65&p3=80&p4=82&p5=63&p6=93&p7=69&p8=75&p9=61&p10=74&p11=69&p12=86[/img] 155/200 I'm Autistic LOL
  • Re: Just a few suggestions

    When there's a lot of money in the casino, I think the odds are better. As the casino loses more and more money, the odds become stacked against the player because the casino needs to win back money. That's my guess about how it works, because currently I have lose all my bets all the time.

    Also, I agree with Mewn that the white apartments should be cheaper. In fact, all single room apartments should be cheaper, and the apartment offices in all apartment buildings (the doors on the first floor that no one owns that lead to a room behind the from reception counter) should be put up for sale too.