New Job: Bounty Hunter

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  • New Job: Bounty Hunter

    There should be a new job called "bounty hunter" or "hitman" which makes the player spawn with only a pistol. Other players would be able to press the use key on the hitman as with the stripper, and there should be an option "place hit" on the menu that could bring up a list of players currently on the server to choose from to place a hit. Once choosing a player from the list, the person placing the hit would get a third menu, this one for amounts of money to choose from to pay for the hit, in increments of $250 ($250, $500, $750, $1000... maybe up to 2k max). Once the hit has been placed, the hitman would get a tracer to follow, leading him to the player he must kill. Once the hitman kills the player he has been paid to kill, the payment for the hit will be subtracted from the bank account of the person who placed the hit, and added to the bank account of the hitman. If a player who has placed a hit leaves the server before the job is complete, the hit should be canceled. Likewise, if hitman leaves the server before finishing a hit, the hit should be cancelled when he reconnects. Killing players as a hit should also give a little more crime than killing people for no reason.

    What do you think? ;:lool:;

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  • Re: New Job: Bounty Hunter

    Its a very long awaited job.. its just difficult to balance teaching new players to kill all the time which is a little wrong. Also i dont know what would happen if 1 job allowed rebels to spawn with a gun.. However the pay system sounds good and this may be in the bext big rp mod you never know :)
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  • Re: New Job: Bounty Hunter

    'doctor' fuck no. God mode... no. just no lol. But more hp sure.
    Priest... meh dat'll be op tho... maybe if something that they shoot out of with another gun maybe. We really need to make a new hl2dm wep tbh... like a modified gun.
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