Admin jobs

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    • Hi all,

      I propose that we strip all admins of their in-game jobs (super-admin, admin, etc.). This is to prevent admins from spawning with overpowered equipment and health, which involves AR balls. Note that players cannot buy AR balls from the store. These jobs give admins an unfair advantage over cops and normal players. Admins also don't have to spend any money on purchasing weapons and health boosts.

      I find these admin jobs absolutely useless, as it serves no official admin purpose. I see the jobs as "cheat jobs."

      If admins want to kill others on a level-playing field, then admins should use their own money to buy their own weapons just like any other player. Think that you will fail in comparison to other players without he extra boost? Then, for the love of god, improve your skills.
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    • Re: Admin jobs

      Agreed. Remove the admin jobs. I'll go to other custom jobs instead. Joking.....
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    • Re: Admin jobs

      Currently, a larger than usual percentage of the server are admins, in my opinion its not good for the RolePlay environment.

      At some points, the area from shell to the cafe is just "Admin Playground" where energy balls and crossbow bolts are flying from No Clipping admins and players just need to stay out of that part of the map. I really think what I'll term "Admin Boredom" is having a terrible impact on gameplay.

      This is a good change, and anything else the higher admins can change to limit "Admin Boredom".
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