[Suggestion] Movable drug plants

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    [C.I.A Director] Old Doc wrote:

    Maybe lol what if someone steals your crop and just let it set In there house behind locked doors and u can't plant anymore cause some d bag is holding ur crop hostage

    LOL, holding your crops hostage!

    If that happens, you reconnect, change your job (and change back to Drug Addict), and the plants that were taken hostage disappear so you can plant again.
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    I dislike this idea. It could be used as a reason to disconnect and reconnect. For instance. Someone or a cop breaks in and then they disconnected and said I dont want to my plants to be taken away.
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    I'm not the tech guy here only the PR guy, but I would have to think that in order to tie to steam id's it would require a vast database of id's for every single person joining the server... not saying it can't be done but it would take a good bit of memory and risk of script errors and loopholes or some other unforeseen circumstances. ..
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    polskon wrote:

    TF2274_r.2.0 wrote:

    polskon wrote:

    Can we make plants stay on reconnect and have them lose "ownership" but still be collectable?

    Then people would plant, reconnect, plant, reconnect, and wash rinse repeat until they had 100 drug plants growing all at once.

    I don't see the problem with this either way. Crime isn't avoidable, and you're creating a huge risk.

    I do see a problem, possible astronomic inflation. That is a huge change to our little micro-economy, I wouldn't be willing to make it if I were in charge.
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