Zombie Apacalypse

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    • Zombie Apacalypse

      Would it be possible for a random chance for a zombie apacolypse to happen on the map? Would it take a new map with spawners created or something? If it doesn't, you could have it so a random chance on the night cycle of the map for zombies to spawn, like a 1/100 chance, so it would be a rare event, and they could drop money ranging from how hard the zombie is, such as just a headcrab, to a torso zombie, to full zombies, and then to poison throwing zombies and, fast zombies.
      Just a thought.
    • Re: Zombie Apacalypse

      I dont think zombies crash the server anymore but it has to be manually spawned I think. Also only roots can do that sooo yeah.
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    • Re: Zombie Apacalypse

      I am able to spawn zombies that do nothing, and Syle is able to spawn working NPCs.

      However, one idea would be a plugin which allows a bunch of spawn points to be set. On a very rare occasion, and perhaps under a limited set of circumstances such as there being 20 or more players, the plugin could begin spawning zombies randomly at these set locations.