Pinned [Out of Date] Kal's Application Format

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  • [Out of Date] Kal's Application Format

    Now, your Subject for the post will always be (Position Applied for) - (your name) Example: Admin - Loller

    Fill out this application. No word requirement but please make it readable and understandable


    Why should you be a Cop or Admin?
    Do you have any experience being a cop or admin?
    What rules are the most important?
    What timezone are you in and what hours do you normally play?

    *ADMIN ONLY*If you had a member who was breaking the rules how would you deal with it?
    *COP ONLY*How do you deal with a member RDMing you?
    Why should I pick you over the other applicants and what procedures would you use when being a Cop/Admin?
    What would you do differently?