Bank camper report [screenshots]

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  • Bank camper report [screenshots]

    --Your information--
    In-Game name: BoS.420Alex
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:25821044
    Steam Profile:

    --Accused member information--

    IGN: Currian
    SteamID: STEAM_0:0:86957989
    Steam Profile:


    What rules did said player break?: Bank camping - And also shooting from bank.

    Your description of what your demo/screenshots contains: The first picture shows currian bank camping with my warning chats - The player only removed himself from the bank when I switched to rebel and used a trap to flush him out of there. The second picture was another cop (fireoxya)'s chat, dealing with the same exact problem not too much later.

    Witnesses at the scene: Fireoxya

    Was there an admin online at the time?: No

    If the previous question was yes why did they not deal with this?:

    Does this player have any previous bans?: Yes - for bank camping

    Proof of rule breaking:
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  • Re: Bank camper report [screenshots]

    Pls have in mind currian do not speaks English. I have told him today to not camp bank like that or in any other form. However he also sayd me that when this happened a cop keeper killing him to reset his jail timer. I guess you don't have nice footage from that one aye
  • Re: Bank camper report [screenshots]

    To be honest, i'm not sure who is jail killing him ~ but whoever that is should have his cop removed. I've only been attempting to jail currian (along with fire) with him hiding in the safety of the bank to avoid getting jailed. He's been banned for this before and should know the server rules by now. If he has an issue with a specific cop, he needs to report that cop. Language barriers aren't an excuse for repetitively breaking rules.
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  • Re: Bank camper report [screenshots]

    If all this is true he deserve his ass between banned.
    On another note this whole bank shit get abused way too
    Often and many players do this. Something should be done with this.
    I personally would be fine with removed or somewhere else moved no kill zone.
    Is afk room not enough? You go on the street you may get wrecked. shit happens
  • Re: Bank camper report [screenshots]

    I have worn out Google Translate trying to communicate with him. [Amazing how badly some things get translated!]
    During his 1day ban by BobV, Currian contacted me on steam and promised to stop doing [something that didn't translate]. Thus I wasn't able to determine what it is that he thinks he has been told off about. Since then he has repeated the ducking into bank for cover and shooting at people who hem him in. I have kicked him as a reminder.
    My last attempt to clear it up was to ask Lileri and then Spender to suggest to him that he stays out of the bank totally. I feel that some of the problem is the gaggle of people who cluster outside and want him out. He feels trapped - but that is the way it works; the rest of us have to just run for it.

    The command I was given for removing the no-kill doesn't work.

    If a lot of players abuse the bank let's bring the tellers outside and prop-block the doors until the no-kill is fixed.
  • Re: Bank camper report [screenshots]

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  • Re: Bank camper report [screenshots]

    With this situation taking so long to look into. The bank appears to be a kill zone now. If the kill zone is permanent then I no longer see this report being needed.

    If Currian starts breaking other rules, I will be dealing with him.