the doggy

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  • Your in-game name: Candybar
    The Staffs In-game name: Cannabis, the doggy
    Staffs Steam ID: not atm doing this on phone
    Discription of the Event: ive been having a conplaint my brothers saying that Doggy and Cannabis are coming into my house (trap house) together as a team. How? Well either doggy is kicking door in or cannabis is lock picking. This time it was lock pick, by brothers witnessed doggy kicking the door eariler to let cannabis in. well once they were In I see cannabis go for the kill and takes my plants and money while doggy sits back and cuffs me and not taking the plants when as cop. Knowing that my brothers are nubs at the game and excessively killing them.
    Proof of Event
    [img width=300 height=300][/img][size=8pt][12:34 AM] [???] Vegeta :  i have big plans for u candy[/size]

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  • Re: the doggy

    A cop cant fucking kick in a door and let someone in. NO cops DO NOT GET OUTSIDE HELP IRL. What twisted reality do you live in because vigilanties are illegal. Doggy if i keep hearin this shit of you playing favorites or only raiding this party while i sit in spec and watch you jump around your butt buddy while he prints im just going to be banning the both of you.

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