Patch 1.03 Notes

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  • Patch 1.03 Notes

    Players have been asking for patch notes and changes so below is a list of the changes made that were not clearly listed elsewhere.


    [list][li]Drug Growing: Planting now consists of one plant rather than 3. The maximum growth of a plant is now 600g and has a minimum growth of 300g before it can be collected from.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]Sanitation: The Sanitation/Garbageman job has been buffed considerably to payout more money. This will become more noticeable over the week as values are adjusted.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]Job Descriptions: Job descriptions accessed using /job are slowly being updated to aid new players.[/li][/list]


    [list][li]Food Prices: Food prices have been lowered to a more reasonable level.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]Money: Pennies may drop from players with a value of 2-3 rather than just 1 making them more worthwhile to pickup.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]Weed: Weed packets dropped from players should no longer drop 10+ packets containing 1g of drugs making these more worthwhile to pickup as well.[/li][/list]

    Civil Protection

    [list][li]Experience: Cop Experience has been fixed. Because of this, all current cops have been given the rank of police officer and are able to rank up properly without Admin intervention.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]Tracers: Lines leading to players with crime were previously removed. This has been partially reversed. Crime circles currently show rebels with a crime level less than 6000. Rebels with a crime level higher than 6000 will now show the old line once used. This should allow for a better balance for both Cops and Rebels.[/li][/list]


    [list][li]Switch: Maximum crime allowed to /switch has been raised to 350.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]SwitchOther: Basic Admins should once again be able to use /switchother to move cops to the rebel team.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]Loot Crates: Loot crates now appear every 30 minutes rather than hourly.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]Server Stability: Server uptime should be higher than it was a few weeks ago. Several changes have been made.[/li][/list]
    [list][li]BribeAll: While absolutely hilarious when it happens, BribeAll has been removed as a bribe option so players don't accidentally bribe their entire bank.[/li][/list]

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  • Re: Patch 1.03 Notes

    Just to note, while I'm the one submitting the patch notes, I'm not the only one making code changes. Changes that I would call 1.01 and 1.02 are mostly model related and things that no one would actually ever really see so I don't feel they are worth mentioning simply because end users won't see them.

    Volar wrote:

    Didn't even know there was ever a BribeAll command.

    Doggy knows about BribeAll very well :laughing6: