Candy Removal of Cop Request

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  • Candy Removal of Cop Request

    Your in-game name: Mechanical
    The Staffs In-game name: PayD.Candy
    Staffs Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:34102620
    Description of the Event:

    After obtaining enough crime to be sent to jail, Candy made a comment about how I was going to stay in jail after cuffing me. I stated I did not give a shit, because who would, to which Candy thought it would be a good idea to reset my jail timer multiple times. I seriously doubt it was on accident either, since I could hear the function button (E) being pressed multiple times every time he approached me in the jail cell, rather than just the one (1) time it takes for the menu (Menu meaning as if the cop were to release the player. There are also more simple ways to release a cuffed player from jail as cop as well). It should obviously be known not to spam the function key as a cop on a cuffed player since that is what is needed to send the player to jail in the first place. After I told him I would report him for his actions, he released me from jail perfectly the next time he approached me and stated that's what he was trying to do the entire time. Once again, I believe this to be a bold faced lie, especially considering he continually states that "Resetting player jail times is not against the rules of being a cop anyway, so stop complaining"

    I am asking for the removal of his cop status rather than a ban due to the dying out of the already low player base for this game.
    I do not believe an individual who thinks that resetting jail timers multiple times and believing it is a fair thing to do ON TOP OF the fact he believes it is not against the rules, should have cop.
    Cops are held to a higher standard than that of regular players with normal rebel status. Candys actions have shown he can not live up to this expectation.

    C:-) C:-) C:-) C:-) C:-) C:-) C:-)

    Proof of Event:

    Thank you for your time.
  • Re: Candy Removal of Cop Request

    I would say that if someone is released before their jail time would have been met then there really is no problem with them being sent to jail again a few times either on accident or on purpose. I understand that we should try to prevent abuse before it happens but i feel like this situation is something that isn't nearly enough to get someones cop taken away, if candy would have sent you to jail and let you stay instead of you assuming he would of let you stay if you didn't tell him it was against the rules then i might understand, but really in the end his actions did not affect the outcome of your jail time.
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  • Re: Candy Removal of Cop Request

    Hello everyone,

    As you may know and may been witness to, the accuser was only in jail for a max of 15 seconds.
    I did do a mistake by jailing him twice because I thought that when I click "E" two times on someone it will tele them outside. Unfortunately I was unaware that it "Rejailed" them. As soon as he said "Thanks for resetting my timer im sending this to the forum" I went back to the cells to find him. Again, because of habbit I accidently pushed "E" on his two times again. Once I figured out that I need to click E then click escape choose the next page and click released I did. ?MiraclesBelieveInMe a Admin on the server told me where to go to write my side of the story. Thanks for your time for reading this. My apologies.
    I am new to this type of game. By the way this is Candys older brother, He wasint even here see what happened. I hope you all understand this was a mistake.
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  • Re: Candy Removal of Cop Request

    Would seem highly convenient that you only released me after I stated that I would report you for doing so, and didn't bother to deny you saying you think it is not against the rules as is.

    Plus, if I told someone what they were doing was against the rules and was going to report them for it, wouldn't they feel compelled to do what they could to try to save themselves? You're telling me I could reset someones jail time 3 times and just say "oh, sorry, just trying to release you", when all it really takes it one whack of the stun stick and a bullet.
    Also, "I am new to this type of game.", has 300+ hours in game?? Doesn't make sense to have someone employed as cop when two people have access to the account and one of them has absolutely no idea what they are doing.

    TL;DR - Without a demo, all this is is he said she said.

    All that remains is the fact that he did break the rules, severely.

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  • Re: Candy Removal of Cop Request

    I don't recall there being previous reports on Candy, plus I've never seen Candy doing stupid shit in game on purpose.

    Regardless of whether or not this was Candybar's brother, the fact remains that "Candybar" did do something that could be considered abuse of cop. I am convinced it was by accident, but if this becomes an actual problem then we will take Candybar's cop. For now I'd say a warning is all we need.

    If stuff like this happens again, then regardless of who was using Candybar's account, we will consider demoting him.
  • Re: Candy Removal of Cop Request

    Even if you press E twice while in the jail cell and cause their time to reset you should still be able to hit E and go into the Cop menu and hit release. It always pops up and stays even after hitting E the 2 times within a jail cell.

    The bottom left text still says that target player has been jailed for X time, not released.
    If it was Candys Brother then I guess I'll just go with what Miracles and TF2 said.

    I'd suggest this be a Hard Warning and the next instance be dealt with more strictly.

  • Re: Candy Removal of Cop Request

    Sorry I meant to lock this earlier. I thought I did but maybe I messed up.

    Anyways, I have also spoken with Candy on steam. He apologized to me about it, and I once again warned him that if this happens again then he'd be looking at the possibility of losing cop, regardless of who is using his account. So hopefully if he still intends on letting his brother use the account, he'll give him a decent amount of training on how to use our server's functions.

    Anyways, for those of you disappointed that he just got a warning, just know that we believe that a warning was all that was necessary to fix the issue at hand. No use in removing cop if a warning is all that is necessary.