C.I.A. repeated John cop abuses

  • C.I.A. repeated John cop abuses

    Your in-game name: :: AP :: ThunderShorts

    The Staffs In-game name: "[C.I.A] John"

    Staffs Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37682709 [U:1:75365419]

    Discription of the Event: Cop abuse, repeatedly kicking doors under 4000:

    Proof of Event: In todays logs at timestamps indicated, also have demo file (large), but log speaks for itself... and admins were present on both occasions (misc other player chat trimmed from chat, check logs yourself for full transcript).

    Koipe was around during this one:
    [12:37 PM] [C.I.A Director] Old Doctor : people have to have 4k crime for u too kick door
    [12:37 PM] krzysiekwejh : take me aut of jeil
    [12:37 PM] John : you had 3942
    [12:37 PM] John : close enough
    [12:37 PM] krzysiekwejh : no

    On further checking...After he kicked my door and sent me to jail, he must have seen my cash... because he immediately switched to rebel, and was searching for me. Then switched back... holy cop abuse batman.

    Miracles was on for this one:
    [01:37 PM] [C.I.A] John : np
    [RP] [C.I.A] John just kicked open a door
    [RP] [C.I.A] John just kicked open a door
    [RP] You are cuffed by [C.I.A] John
    [RP] You have been sent to jail by [C.I.A] John!
    [RP] You'll be free in 180 seconds
    [RP-Drug] [C.I.A] John destroyed your Kush Plant.
    [01:38 PM] Rat Meat : John stop doing kick door
    [01:38 PM] Rat Meat : really
    [01:39 PM] [C.I.A] John : lol
    [01:41 PM] [C.I.A] John : !Switch
    [01:41 PM] [C.I.A] John : !switch
    [C.I.A] John suicided.
    [SM] ADMIN: toggled noclip on MiraclesBelieveInMe.
    [01:43 PM] [C.I.A] John : !switch
    [01:43 PM] [C.I.A] John : where thunder
    [01:44 PM] [C.I.A] John : easiest 2.5k ever

    Then when Miracles questions John on mic, he lies and says 3500 (which as you can see from above is BS)
    ---> Miracles asks question (on mic)
    [01:45 PM] [C.I.A] John : 3500
    ---> Miricles says its 4000 on mic
    [01:45 PM] [C.I.A] John : oh shit 4k
    [01:46 PM] [C.I.A] John : lol
    [01:46 PM] Rat Meat : john you knew it was 4k
    [01:48 PM] [C.I.A] John : !switch

    So yeah... abusing cop on several levels: under 4k doorkicks (multiple players), scoping cash on rebels as cop & and switching sides to make money, lying to admins.
    Need I say more?
    -- ThunderShorts
  • Re: C.I.A. repeated John cop abuses

    It would have been better if you took a screenshot then copy & pasting the chat, but as of right now, I can't say that he did or did not abuse cop but going based on previous history of John he can get mad and might abuse his cop, ive seen it happen a few times and im sure everyone knows he gets mad frequently
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