1st Striker hates me...

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  • 1st Striker hates me...

    Hello everyone

    1st Striker doesn't gonna stop untill i lose my admin.

    Im gonna wait untill i get another admin answer to make an action of it.

    Today i was playing in the roleplay and 1st Striker started killing and insulting me without a Reason.

    He is constanlly talking in mic chat with Chamelon im just abusing, im gonna report joru?e, etc etc All shit about me.
    Today a new player joined in the server. Called GMX5Z he started killing me without a fair reason, so i told him sometimes to stop killing me because he has not a fair reason to kill me... He started insulting me so i kicked him for RDM without a fair reason and insulting admin.


    Another insults was said by mic...

    I just followed this both Rules (FORUM RULES) to warn and Kick GMX5Z:

    - Do not random deathmatching (rdm) excessively unless having a reason to do so

    - Respect All Admins and Listen to the Admins, this works both ways, if an admin disrespects you report it.

    1st Striker: If i abuse, report me, but stop talking and typing "shit" about me... >:(

    Emperor Joruñe: !spin
    [RP] You got 1x Covid-19 by Hand of Doom and 1x Headshoot by The Doggy!

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