Tralalakk Trial Admin application

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    • Dark711 wrote:

      petrho wrote:

      i spend a lot of time on forum i got lot of post s i watch thats why i wrote back so fast and btw i know you in real live i know how you can be when you are angry for example yesterday all i did was spawn some props in front of your house and put some slams there also killed you few times and you stared talking about your therapist about your pills about your suicide thoughts so yeah im pretty sure more people saw that chat i kinda wish i did a screenshot of that
      Now you're in the anger stage?And making fun of my mental problems is such a nice thing, huh?
      Look guys how much of an awesome admin Tralalakk/Petrho is going to be, making fun of my depression, therapist, and suicidal thoughts.
      I never wanted this, but I'm just tired of your bullshit. You just couldn't leave it alone. I wanted for you to be an admin again, but not anymore.
      yeah im going to end it here you basicaly confirmed what i was talking about im done with im not talking to you anymore about this
      You wanna disrespect me, you little fuckin&#039; punk?<br />Everything I&#039;ve done to be who I am? As far as I&#039;ve fuckin&#039; come?<br />I&#039;ll slap you so fuckin&#039; hard, It&#039;ll feel like you kissed a freight train.<br />Fuck you!
    • BobVeka wrote:

      Let me know what day it happened and what username he went by and I can check the logs.
      It was through steam so there's no point to checking the logs. He unfriended me shortly after.
      Please don't reply anymore, I'm done with this.
      I hope he atleast realizes what pain he caused me especially in my current state.
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      Unlock the rest
    • Without a screenshot of their private conversation, i'd consider these accusations null and void.

      I was online during the mentioned incident, and it seemed like an overreaction to a whole lot of nothing.
      (sorry for that dark, that's just how I saw it..) it was tubs spawned on public property (not even blocking the door from what I saw). There was no attempt to glitch furniture to kill another player, it was just simply cluttering the area in front of their property. Dark decided to ragequit after tralalak started grav gunning boats up /near/ is property.

      I'm not making fun of you dark, but I'm telling the situation how I saw it. He cluttered the area up, and you started ranting about your personal life because of it.

      I'm not rating this application one way or the other since there /could/ be information in the background that is getting missed, but I would like to see other community member's opinions of him.
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    • I remember petrho. He was an alright admin that ended his career in a bit of abuse.

      However now he is back and has made significant contributions to the wiki and ingame.

      He seems to have matured a bit more since the last time and may prove to be a valuable admin.

      Think we should start him on trial and monitor him closely.