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  • ThunderShorts admin application

    --Basic info--


    I watched the first moon landing live on a black & white TV, so old enough.

    In-Game name:

    :: AP :: ThunderShorts ( “:: AP :: Abusement Park” is my old clan tag… they are gone now but some of us still proudly use the old tag to keep the memory alive ;)



    Steam Profile:

    Time played:

    11 year badge in HL2DM (over 19k hours…lol, ikr?), rolled the meter on Syles recently, so 2048 + current time since last reset.




    Do you have a mic?:


    Why are you applying for Administration?:

    Some of the legacy admins are now becoming less active, and as I spend a silly amount of time on this server, I may as well help out. As a “Trusted” player, I have most of the basic admin commands anyway and have been actively helping admins wherever I can for a while now.

    How much time can you dedicate to the server?(Include time zone):

    See “Time Played”… I spend a lot of time here; and I’m in the USA’s EST time zone (Upstate NY)

    What is the proper process to deal with a rule-breakers?:

    Warn, kick, small ban, progressively stiffer bans to perm if required. Situation can vary the method and timing of escalation process.

    Do you have previous experience as Administrator?:

    Was root for many, many years on Abusement Park (:: AP ::), and subsequently on the KSR server when it was up and running.

    Anything else you would like to add?:

    Been more or less doing a lot of this anyway as a “Trusted” class player. This would just officially bring me into the admin fold to round out my current role and allow me to help more. Those from :: AP :: probably remember that I was always a no BS admin. Loved to do my job in a way that kept the server fun for the serious player base, while nipping trouble in the bud (within the guidelines). There was very low tolerance for rulebreaking, exploiters, and trolling admins. After an admin decision it was common to “happy” or “mute” a player that went on trolling or bitching after a corrective action… kept the drama to a minimum, and made for a more relaxed place to come rob, socialize, and shoot your friends ;)

    If this sound like something you agree with, and want me on the team, please give me a thumbs up. If not, then please vote this down and save us both the trouble ;) I currently do not have access to the admin post area on the forum… so discuss freely among yourselves ;)



    --End Application--
  • I'm all for thunder going official. In fact I was one of the ones to recommend be goes in for a full application. Thunder is always helpful, never trolly and is a huge asset to this server.
    I'd love to see him adminning along side me and fully support this application.
    sniper santa misslelauncher
  • I suggest that Thunder is given Elite level commands because they are needed for serious work.

    [Note: the Elite level actually has a group of serious Root commands.
    re the active admins----
    Alex should be seen to be the Elite level rather than it being hidden.
    Miracles, Poolman and Mike should be given Elite-level commands too.

    Should be a new structure within the admins -(BobV was working on a useful distribution of commands through the structure.)
    Why not give the serious commands to a group of the serious guys. If there needs to be a 'seniority' structure achieve that somehow else. Just let the capable guys get on with the job. They aren't all on at the same time, so, having the present structure just means that proper adminning is being denied to the players.]
  • I must say this is basically the best application because it is short and brief...WHY? Because we already know him. He didn't apply at 50 hours and nobody knows him. Anyway he is always helping new players ALWAYS, which is the most important thing obviously because we need high player retention. long point short he is always helping out new players whenever I see him and this application is God tier (except koala saying every super + some bacics should be elite except me...awkward But that's OK I'm new lol. BUT anyways my whole point for writing this, is this is how every player should apply-tons of activity and helping out every single second you can.
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