Pinned The Official Bug Report Format (And important information)

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    • The Official Bug Report Format (And important information)

      If you have to report a major bug (some examples would be money bugs, duplication glitches, etc), report it by sending me a private message directly. We don't want bugs like that on here for every player to see. Also, please do not tell other players about such bugs.

      Also, discovering bugs is fine, even if discovering the bug results in you gaining items or money or anything else in the game. Just don't exploit the bug again, and report the bug. As long as you don't purposely exploit bugs for personal rp gain, you're fine and won't be banned or have your stats rolled back.

      Before posting a bug, please read the other posts to see if the bug has already been reported.
      If a bug is fixed, I will add a [RESOLVED] tag to the title of that bug thread, and that bug thread will be closed.

      Please follow the format for reporting bugs. Remember, report severe bugs via private message to me. Otherwise, use the following format.

      Your name:

      Your steam id:

      Description of the bug:

      How to recreate the bug:

      Does the bug cause a server crash?:

      Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them: