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      Hey guys, so firstly I have to say that with being in college, I'm trying my best to maintain the plugin code.

      I do have a bug or two trickling down the pipe from Koala, and they will be fixed most likely in the next update.

      In this post I wish to address some new features that will be coming up:

      1) Inventory limits reworked: The inventory mass system was a failure. It was a bad idea in general. So now I'm going to be doing a new system of inventory limiting. It will be a lot easier and less restrictive, but I want your feedback on it. Basically, instead of being limited by mass, you will be limited on item quantity. The idea here is that your inventory will be limited to 1000 items regardless of the item. For example, if you hold 1000 locks in your inventory, then it is full. If you have 100 revolvers, 100 shotguns, 10 revolver ammo, and 100 locks, then you have 310 items in total, and therefore can hold another 690.

      2) New player skin is definitely coming back. It was a good implementation done by bob where players under 5 hours are given the new player skin.

      3) New player protection. This is a fairly new idea on here. Something that I had actually proposed long before I even knew how to code stuff in sourcemod. So let's put it like this:

      Player A is a new player with less than 5 hours.
      Player B is an asshole.

      Scene 1:
      Player B shoots player A.
      Player A takes no damage.

      Scene 2:
      Player A shoots player B.
      Player B takes damage.
      Player B shoots back at player A.
      Player A now takes damage for having shot player B.

      Scene 3:
      Player A shoots player B.
      Player B takes damage.
      This kills player B.
      Player B respawns and shoots player A.
      Player A takes damage, and is killed by player B.
      Player B shoots player A again after player A respawns.
      Player A takes no damage until shooting player B again.

      So basically my proposal for a noob protection system is to make new players invincible (except for cops using a stunstick) until they fire on somebody. If a player with less than 5 hours shoots anybody, then whomever they shot can kill them once. So if a new player shoots 5 different people, then all 5 people would be able to kill the new player one time. So if a new player shoots you, you get to kill the new player. After making the kill, you can no longer damage that player until you have taken damage from them again.

      4) Relating to inventory limitations... You can hold 1000 items, but what about item storage. The idea here is that players can buy, place, and use storage cabinets. Storage cabinets would behave like doors in the sense that they would hold locks, and players could give keys to them just like with doors. If an enemy breaks the locks off a storage cabinet, then they can help themselves to the items inside. Cabinets would use the same locks, lockbreakers, as used by the doors. They would be unlocked with a lock pick provided that there are no locks, and they would hold 500 items each. Players could have as many as they wanted, but would be subject to the prop limit where each cabinet would count as a prop.

      5) Marriage... A player may marry one other player, or be married to one other player. If you are married, then you have full access to each other's inventory, and can see each others stats at any time, whether or not the other person is online or offline.
    • I like the noob protection ideas, but see some potential abuse scenarios. If a new (skilled) <5 player was aware of the mechanics, they could easily abuse by shooting a different player each time (in a rotation), and >5hr players would have to endure the rampage (after the first revenge) until their turn came around. Generally when a skilled <5 hr player comes on and starts RDM'ing all... he's fucked, rules or not. Players are not going to repeatedly wait their turn to get a second shot if they know the other guy is RDMing at will. Solution? Start a protect "off" timer, that removes the noob protection for say 1-2 mins after a noob-initiated kill. The victim has this time to get revenge... and lessens the likelihood of RDM rampages... as anyone can put them down without waiting for the rotation to allow, at least for a short window.
      I can only imagine that this should be easy to code, because instead of recording who shot who... it's just a noob-initiated toggle of protected vs. unprotected for XX seconds after any damage they initiate.

    • "Well then perhaps I could modify it so players under 5 hours are
      invincible until they switch to a weapon that isn't a gravity gun."

      That sounds familiar - BobV's method?
      [timers in there somewhere, and a bit more too iirc]
    • First two ideas sound really good. Noob Protection has always seemed needed. Storage Cabinets give the game another depth level and play experience, the only downside I see is if props still spawn invisible or if spawned when another player that has keys logs on and someone comes and raids your cabinet while you're not even online but the second half there would make people think twice about what they put in them and whom they give keys to.

      Marriage idea I'm not rather fond of, seems weird to me.

    • Actually cabinets would not spawn per player like some props. Advanced logging is also a planned feature for myself and the other roots who have mysql access. Key logging and door access logs that the doow owner could access isn't a bad idea either. It wouldn't include who broke locks, but it would include which key holders used which door at what time.
    • I like the weird marriage idea but it brings a few concerns.

      Now, sure it's cool sharing an inventory with someone, you only need one doorhack, lockpick or cuffsaw.. but what if their's spousal betrayal? can your spouse just empty your inventory and divorce you? I'd think twice before giving anyone access to my super doorhack if that was the case.

      Can your spouse divorce you at any point?

      Would there be fees implimented in using this system?
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    • TF2274 wrote:

      Well then perhaps I could modify it so players under 5 hours are invincible until they switch to a weapon that isn't a gravity gun.

      The protection comes back when they die since they lose their weapons as a result.

      The protection would then of course permanently go away once they reach the 5 hour mark.
      people can abuse that you can kill with gravity gun all you need is buy some props
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    • Will that work for ALL objects thrown by grav gun? I ask because on last map if you killed using the soccer ball, it would register as a suicide for that person, and no physics damage was reported (or crime given). Could some props, or possibly certain spawned items make this possible for "unregistered kills"?
    • There are no props that won't register the on damage event. However, physboxes which are built into a map such as the FMC basketball and the boats on my map will register as suicide as the player is technically being killed by the map according to the game engine. Although I think that should still trigger the event, but the plugin would have only seen that the map killed the player and ignored the event. Either that or it would have seen that the attacking "client" was out of bounds for client indexes and therefore would have ignored the event as well.
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