Vogel abuse

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    • I was afk for about an hour when I came back I discovered I was banned,
      It was by Vogel and his reason in the forums was because I am nigger.
      now if it had been a 5 or 10 minute ban I might have laughed it off.
      But he banned me for an entire week.
      I had to get bob to un ban me.
      I imaging since he runs these forums this might never see the light of day
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    • OK this should be good, how did i disrepect you when i was AFK and not saying I do not see what you do for the server is not disrespect
      I did not curse you and ignore any thing you said to me (which you did not ) when I was not AFK

      Also it is hard to respect ( although i try ) when an admin posts a reason like you did.
      that is offensive, hurtful and socially unacceptable
    • Well I originally banned you for disrespect when you joined while I was playing and provoking me saying I killed the neighboorhood, and claiming that admins are dicks. So yes you were being disrespectful. I was only taking Bob's advice and providing a more appropriate length and reasoning. :)
    • the only thing i said is that when you reply to any forum thread it typically goes to the gutter, i said nothing about the neighborhood or any other admins,
      most of the other admins work dam hard and get little or no thanks,
      rather off that if i had said you are a dick and responsible for killing the neighborhood , you would further inforce it with a reason "because you are a nigger"
      plus why did you wait until i was AFK about 20 - 25 minutes after I said what I said.

      further more why is it you have no demo or recording?

      also what is sad so very say is you don't seem to understand what disrespect is, i imagine that saying anything negative about you is disrespect. nope it is all how you present it.
      I saying honestly think you do nothing positive for the server is not disrespect especially when all you do is jump in ever so often and create chaos nad degrade the integrity of the forums.
      Now saying something like fuck off dane you are useless now that is disrespect.

      I never said or insinuated I expect other Admins to be servant to my whims and demands, i treat them with respect because they treat everyone else with respect

      BTW: I have uploaded a core dump of everythign that was said in chat
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    • chat doesn't record MIC data. Try again.
      I try to come back and hang out because people like you complain that I am an admin who doesn't play, I come back and I'm greeted not with a "welcome back" but a "welp, there goes the fucking neighborhood" and other things along the lines of dane is nothing but an abuse case waiting to happen. WelL instead of trying to be respectful you started it out as a shit show.

      Next time try showing respect to people even if you don't like them. Welcome to life, where not everyone is nice, and shit happens for no reason.