Announcement Update 1.02 Delayed

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    • Update 1.02 Delayed

      This is just a short announcement to notify everyone that I will not be updating the plugin to version 1.02 this Friday as originally scheduled. This is because I made some very big changes to some critical parts of the RP plugin, and I will be out of town Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday. I don't want an unexpected bug to halt the server while I am away from my main development station.

      Alongside bug fixes, there are some new things with money and trash, the two worst offenders of the ent count which has caused a majority of server crashes. These changes should make the server last much longer between crashes.

      The update will be released Monday, 2/22/16 since I will be readily available to fix any game-breaking bugs that may occur. It's unlikely, but it's just that I'm nervous about releasing an update that changes the money and trash ent spawning system, and then leaving it unsupervised.