[Resolved] GPS bug is persistent, even after DC

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  • [Resolved] GPS bug is persistent, even after DC

    Maybe this is not news... but it was to me:
    I was able to confirm tonight that the GPS bug is persistent, even after DC. Ran a test myself where I placed one on Vulcan, and asked him to DC, then come back. The bug came back.
    Now, before someone says "so?"... consider that the gps scanner item is still not functional, which means that one you have been "bugged", there is no way to shake it as it was originally designed.
  • The GPS problem does really affect play and enjoyment. A line to the player makes it too easy.
    How about disabling the thing until it's fixed?

    Please make this a higher priority.

    Various players complain - many others wouldn't even know WHY they are being found so easily and continuously.
    {green}Ant1ion: i know i report a lot but the binary guy and gsaban seem to be able to track me even after i disconnect and reconnect they keep killing making it boring
    {green}Ant1ion: nvm about that
    KoalaKly[curmudgeon mode]: yeah, it's horrible. The GPS tracker thing can't be disabled by disconnecting and the scanner thing you can buy doesn't get rid of it either. TF has been told. I am going to do another post right now because of the way it stuffs the pleasure.
    {green}Ant1ion: i realize the gps is buged
    KoalaKly[curmudgeon mode]: I want TF to get rid of it or give admins a tool until he gets around to making it work.
    {green}Ant1ion: okay cool