Announcement Update 1.02 - Bug Fixes (Mostly)

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    • Update 1.02 - Bug Fixes (Mostly)

      After a slight delay due to me wanting to make myself available in the event of an emergency bug (since I modified certain code), I decided to delay the plugin update until tonight.
      Also, worth noting that some bug fixes didn't make it. One of the most notable at the moment is with GPS bugs and GPS scanners. I was notified of these on too short of a notice. They will be fixed in v1.03.

      In summary, I made some fixes to the money and trash ent cleanup system. These values can be changed by me modifying a single line of code, but right now the plugin will use up to 150 money ents, and 75 trash ents. From now on, when there are 150 money ents in the server, the plugin will despawn the oldest one before spawning any new money ents. So if no money entities exist, I drop 150 gold bars, and then someone else dies and drops 5 coins, 5 of the 150 gold bars will disappear. In a real scenario, money losses like that will not happen, but now there will no longer be more than 150 money ents. Trash does the exact same thing, but is limited to 75 ents. Trash always had a limitation system to it, but it worked differently. The trash system will now despawn the oldest props in the same manner as the money system. This is great because if someone *cough*doggy*cough* starts throwing trash or coins into the lake or something, then those ents won't be there forever. They will eventually cease to exist (unless no more money or trash spawns due to lack of player activity) in exchange for the newly spawned ents. This upgraded money and trash system should make the server last much longer between crashes due to ent overflows. Like, when testing with Koala, I was able to drop 150 gold bars 10 to 15 times on the test server before triggering an ent "overflow".

      v1.02 Features:
      - Players can now press R on a door to view a door menu
      ------ If the door is unowned and for sale, there will be a menu option to buy the door
      ------ If the door is owned, you will see some owner information
      ------ If the door is owned, and you are the owner, you will have a sell door option, can see keyholders, and can revoke keys. There's also a lock/unlock button in the menu.
      ------ If you are not the door owner, but have keys, then you just see info that you have keys and you will see a lock/unlock button.

      - sm_income <player> <amount>
      ------ Sets the income of a player to the specified amount. This will also change the amount of time a player has on the server since income is based on time.
      - Counterfeiters now gain crime based on how much money they remove from their printer. It is at a rate of 1 per $1 pulled from the printer. So if you press e on your printer, and pull 3K out of the printer, you will gain 3K crime.
      - Drug runner job no longer has a limit to how much you can delay unless you stop a delivery prematurely. If you successfully complete a delivery then you can start a new one immediately. If you cancel a delivery or fail to deliver within 6 minutes of starting the delivery, then you must wait another minute before starting again.
      - Garbage cleanup for money and garbage entities as described in the summary.

      v1.02 Bug fixes:
      - Fixed sm_switch is buggy for players (sm_switchother worked well for admins, but sm_switch not working previously)
      - Fixed barrels don't explode
      - Fixed crime level of a player can go negative
      - Fixed changing the alpha value of a prop not working
      - Fixed bounty-jailed players not being released to the exit position
      - Fixed cop menu not working on jailed players
      - Fixed resized props not loading properly with their model scales (Koala says there might still be a potential issue here)
      - Fixed some saved props spawn back with a prop scale of 0.
      - Fixed players able to switch to cop by changing their skin in the game options
      - Fixed printers and/or plants not always resume growing when a player switches jobs (such as from counterfeitter to sanitation and then back)
      - Fixed cops can pick up drug plants to earn more money than normal planting
      - Fixed sm_vip doesn't display a "You will switch to VIP job in X seconds" chat notice
      - Fixed sm_doorshow causes runtime error (but not a crash) if used by an admin who is not aiming at a door
      - Fixed sm_doorname not changing the notice of a door
      - Fixed players spawn with weapons while in jail
      - Fixed players gain fuckload of crime from robbing an NPC. Value might need to be raised slightly again. We'll see.
      - Fixed players can use more than 1 lock or lockbreaker if they only have 1 lock or lockbreaker in their inventory, leading to negative inventory quantities
      - Fixed AFK cash not saved on server crash. Player stats such as cash are now auto saved for afk players every 20 minutes. The worst case is you lose 20 minutes worth of afk money.
      - Fixed cops can use vendors as cop to circumvent the dangers of buying stuff while in player mode
      - Fixed player hud goes double speed (most likely fixed. Bug could not be recreated after applying a fix)
      - Fixed trash and coins sometimes have the look notice of someone's old plant or printer (fix applied, could not recreate the bug after applying the fix)
      - Fixed furniture alpha values not properly loading
      - Fixed player furniture spawning multiple times
      - Fixed db_delete command doesn't clear entity notice in memory when deleting an entity
      - Fixed cops can accept $0 bribes, which wasn't abused, but led to other annoying issues
      - Fixed bribes don't always clear when a player gets uncuffed/released from jail
      - Fixed trash spawns too close in proximity to spawn points. Trash now spawns in a wider radius from spawn points to help reduce the chances of players spawning stuck inside trash.

      v1.02 Also features some code improvements. These mean nothing to the users, but basically a number of functions have been created which reduce the amount of code repetition somewhat. Reduced code repetition means potentially fewer bugs, bugs not applying to one thing, but applying to something else, inconsistent behavior for similar code, etc.

      v1.03 will be here March 4, 2016