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    • About the "maybe you could have made cars by now" comment:-
      Last time we were on Linesse someone altered some aspect of gravity. I think it was Haxy and Miracles got involved in trying to put it back right. WHATEVER they did, you were able to drive the Police boats around on the streets. Don't know how stable that was though.

      [Whenever the airboat gets used there are those awful 90deg turns that get applied to other players.]

      Do we really care if people use a taxi to evade a cop? Anyway, we have skill-cuffs.
    • I gathered that from the question, I was being a smartass (was talking to doggy that night.)

      For a serious answer to that queston, there are not many artist-drawn-in secrets in the upcomming map. However, that doesn't mean there aren't secrets to be discovered.

      In Linesse theres a way to get on the sewer house roofs - secrets like this are often the best ones
      (if used correctly)
      sniper santa misslelauncher
    • syle22 wrote:

      @ eas and eld why dont you stop sucking cocks and make a new map?

      Its got plenty of housing, areas for dm, gang housing. decent layout.

      with thurster packs and taxis it would be even eaiser to get around. If you could actually code eas maybe you could have made cars by now. jk we know how unstable cars are but the maps fine. Dont tell me kirbyplaza is better because your nostalgia is blinding you
      I began progress then realized I play the game nothing like anyone else who would enjoy it from RP, I don't code for the RP server anymore as for I have no point to and no business doing it honestly. Idk about kirbyplaza I've never seen it but i'm more of an uptown guy myself, I just don't like the majority of AP's clusterfuck maps
    • Very happy to see the map change. Players don't really like uptown it seems, they get sick of freeman and Liness is sort of like uptown, you love it or hate it, no in between.

      I'm seeing people complain about the map picked, but I'd be much more interested in the new players opinions on it since realistically most people here complaining don't even play the server regardless of map picked.
    • CheesyBread wrote:

      Except you hate every map except for (maybe?) FMC and (why?) signum vita.
      Let's take a moment to think that through.

      In the past I made a post suggesting 16 maps and recently have suggested a different 6, not all of which were high quality but all of which were something the server could vote on and use. No, I don't like FMC, No I don't like uptown, yes I like signum vita, why? Because it's unique, it's not the same map, over, and over and over again. I've liked most maps on this server that we've used. But FMC and uptown have been milked so much. Honestly I dislike almost every AP map, not because they're bad for the server, but because I personally don't like the personality of the mapping, it just seems rushed and lazy.

      Now the important thing isn't what I think of the server's map that we decided and use. I honestly couldn't care less what we choose, sure I may not enjoy it as much, but I care about the server wide opinion, the players that keep the server running. Not my own.

      Not sure why you're being so hateful about me making a joke. Instead of assuming I hate every map because I don't like the one we choose please pay attention in the future.
    • Eldrun you're officially in charge of the map decision AFTER the ap map.

      Congratulations on your forced acceptance of the nomination you didn't even know about XD

      No relly tho. When it comes time to switch from the ap map, I want to have you make the map lists, get server opinions, and come up with the map we will use after the AP map. Of course I will get the final decision, but my decision will be based on technical things such as overall map optimization since we need maps that can run on more than just the high end GPUs, and things like the entity count since we need maps with relatively low starting ent counts. For example, my map has 1100 ents starting off. If we can stay in the ballpark of that or lower then that would be great.