Vikinatorr's Police application

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    • Vikinatorr's Police application

      Age: I am 17 years old.
      IGN: Vikinatorr
      I've played 40+ hours on the server

      Basic Questions:

      Why are you applying for Civil Protection?:
      -Well i am applying for the Civil Protection because i play alot on the server, and i usally dont seem to see too many cops when i play. And i'd really like to play as a police officer on this server. I have played as police officer on another server and it was really fun.

      What does the Civil Protection do?:
      -The officer's of the RP server stops the criminal rebels from roaming the streets. They keep the city clean from dangerous criminals.

      What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?:
      -Do NOT EVER shoot first
      -Stop criminals with 1800 crime and above. You can only break down doors at 4000 crime.
      -Do NOT let rebels enter the PD. If they do, you are allowed to shoot.
      -You can NOT revenge kill

      How much time can you dedicate to the server(Include time zone):?
      -I live in Denmark which means i have a different time zone (UTC+01:00) and that means i can cover spots where other f.x American police officers cant be online.
      -I can dedicate minimum 2-4 hours a day. Sometimes even more if i do not have any assignments.

      How will you benefit the server?:
      -Well i can help keeping the streets clean from criminals when needed.

      Thank you for spending your time reading my application. And i hope you will accept it. if any questions appear please fire away! :)