(DH) Admin Abuse Claim

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    • Greaser wrote:

      Let's cut the crap here, even if DH was not abusing by any means and if he was just "flaming" on people, that is not the right admin demeanor. And he realistically should be stripped of all power immediately. I say we raise a poll on this say if more than 80% of people vote to strip him you give him the boot. Which is really in his favor by a lot. And if more than 20% of people like him we keep him. To cut the BS out of the situation no admins have the right to vote on that poll. That is my suggestion.
    • It is hard as fuck to quote people of this phone, but I agree with @Goner that this player will make mistakes again. Once im back I will catch him if he does, and eitheradd to this claim or make another.

      As for this vote greaser is suggesting, I think it makes sense as well to do. Most higher ranking players do not play as much as regular players. By now everyone has a decision on DH, and if 80% of people want him stripped and that goal is met then it should be finalized.
    • sorry to say this here, but not even one player deliverd one pace of real proof of me rule breaking as admin. Al I see here is claims and talk talk talk. no proof. Naujoji said so himself at the start of this post. "Proof of rule breking: multiple claims". Really? sins when is claiming things a reason to post a treath about a player ore admin? from where I come its called " harrasment" you dont just acuse player and ore admins without any proof. The same thing like votekick/ban players. you dont do that unless you see real rule breaking

      Darkstarr wrote:

      Doesn't look like he did so well for his trial week, I have also witnessed some of the abuse others have posted above.
      Really Darkstar?? XD :) you are 95% of the time afk when I'm online. I know that because I killed you multiple times when you where afk. What dit you see then?

    • Dane Vogel wrote:

      Volar wrote:

      Honestly without true proof I feel this is a hate thread, however we're having atleast "6"? I believe players now reporting DH.

      Atleast 2 Admins I truly trust are also speaking on the Behalf of the Server.

      I prefer not stripping someone but I feel it's a necessity to get the Server back to an equilibrium.

      (DH) this is nothing personal but I did ask for you to keep a cool head when dealing with players. It's essential when dealing with players not to curse them out and call them names just because you don't get along. (Do that behind their back or when speaking to other privately) - Public face matters.

      I can't strip him but I will give my recommendation to have him Stripped due to his Trial period not being satisfactory and to have another Application be looked at and promoted to Trial.
      I believe this entire thread is a amalgamation of hate/bias/misunderstanding and inexperience.
      This server has a diverse player base, young/old, smart/not-so-smart, any status of a man and his opposite exists in this server. So its only natural that conflict arises, it has happened since day one of this servers inauguration.

      Heres my analysis of this whole thing after a skim read.
      I dont usually tote my own life but in this case i'll make an exception.

      I work for a certain big US based oil company, I manage a site a few miles outside of New Orleans thats worth over appx $450,000,000. I am responsible for over 37M gallons of product/materials annually. I have about 110 hard working men and women underneath me including full time employees and temp contractors. I and the site supervisors have spent years hiring and firing many people to get the crew we have now.

      The same can be said about this server over the past 8 years. Syle, Kal, Eass, Bob, myself, and others have spent many many hours debating over potential candidates. Some we believed to be very promising only to turn out to complete garbage and even worse, traitors. On the flip side there were some we were hesitant to give a chance and they turn out to be some of our greatest assets *cough cough @Volar cough* (jk).

      Another variable in all of this is language and cultural barriers. It is quite clear that DH is not from a background with English as a primary language, and maybe a western culture. This can lead to a conflict in interest between two players when dealing with the same situation. This happens quite often and often times easily resolved when the two parties agree to mutually discuss issues, not yell, not harass, not instigate, and not belittle each other.

      Syle and I are an example, @syle22 is a liberal pansy and I am more of a Rightwing nutjob. We debate and fuss over issues in the server and politics, but in the end we share the proverbial beer together. This is what has helped contribute to the success in how long this server has been running. When people with different background decide to discuss issues, there is often a greater return in the outcome than if all the participants were all like minded.

      This situation is no different, I believe in personnel coaching, I use this method at my job on site and it works about 90% of the time to be successful. I believe DH just requires a different touch. I am willing to give DH some more time to shape up and re-evaluate his current philosophy in dealing with admin situations.
      What I ask from players and other staff members is complete honesty, and unbiased reports. One of the philosophies we press at my site is "If you are unsure about anything, ask questions. We rather you ask a question and ask for help, than risk getting injured." We encourage all our admins and admin candidates to do the same. Some trial admins tend to gravitate towards certain higher admins because they become comfortable around them, and in some cases see them as mentors. That is what I believe DH is missing, a mentor.

      If you feel you are unable to provide a report without a personal bias, my suggestion to you is to clear your head, step back and observe the situation in an objective manner and possibly you will draw different conclusions.
      Very well said.

      Perhaps some higher up can help out DH and go a bit deeper with him and we lock this thread? Danes post pretty much says it all and with Syles post leaving it to dane "a mentor." is the best way to go rather than bashing on the guy. Then perhaps reevaluate once again in a week or two.
    • The fact is I appreciate greatly of what Dane says and I ALWAYS love to read his input because it's normally pretty fuckin awesome.

      However, i don't think he should have admin mainly because of unsatisfactory results from trial, my brows line up with beefs in which players DONT like him. Players dislike admins for REASONS and it will turn new and old players off.

      I have had players complain to me about DH and even tempting to have temporary leaves of absences until the problem is corrected.

      Dane - we may be able to reprimand him, or we may be wasting time or players.

      I haven't played in a while - I get back from vacation tomorrow then I'll be back to playing daily.
      That being said I can't really say I know what's been going on in the server.

      Watch him closely - but at that point we can hire someone that doesn't need babysitting.

      In the end I agree with BEEF but maybe let him keep trial for a hot sec more to see how things go.

      What I'm saying is slime one help him ( it can be me long as I'm home) and evaluate progress AND satisfactory rate in a few days.


    • Since Syle has left it up to me for the decision, DH will have 1 week. In that time, I want someone to offer to be his mentor. I want that person to work with him on commands, policies, etiquette, and mannerisms.

      I want at the end of that week to get a report from that mentor. I will then weigh that report with updated opinions from players and other admins.
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    • Dane Vogel wrote:

      Since Syle has left it up to me for the decision, DH will have 1 week. In that time, I want someone to offer to be his mentor. I want that person to work with him on commands, policies, etiquette, and mannerisms.

      I want at the end of that week to get a report from that mentor. I will then weigh that report with updated opinions from players and other admins.
      I'm busy getting the test server set up for the upcomming map change, as well as any future map changes
      I'm willing to be an advice line but cant constantly keep watch.

      I would like to suggest @HAND OF DOOM or @Koala try their hands at the front-end while I take it from the rear
      (pun intended)
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