Aply for a CP

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  • Aply for a CP

    I have a microphone and I am 11 but my mom lets me play
    I want 2 play as CP because sometimes I get tired of the boring jobs and I want a special job.
    The rules I know are: Not 2 kill if player not provoked you,kick door after 4k crime only
    I can dedicate 2-6 hours per day for server on week days not weekends or school days because I will have lots of homework in the school year I dont know how many hours I can play
    I can benefit the server by being a nice Russian guy =3
    The funcrion of CP is ro get people after 2k crime in jail
    If il see rdm player il wait him 2 get over 2k crime and try get him in jail or of he will shoot me first i could kill him
    Its my 1st time as CP
    I often help new players talking to them on my mic and help find useful vendors
    I would like to add that i will be a good cop. :thumbup: