BlueDream Cop application

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  • BlueDream Cop application

    --Basic info--

    In-Game name: BlueDream
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:47233745
    Time played: 3day, 1hour, 29minutes. (was a long time member about 2 year ago)


    Do you have a mic?: Yes

    Why are you applying for Civil Protection?: I'll be honest, I want to be cop because I find it more interesting then just AFK'ing all the time collecting cash. There isn't much to do in game but help new players (which I do anyways) and chat to people. I was a cop before (2years ago approx) and was good at it. I find it much more fun being cop then AFK'ing and i'm just being honest.

    What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?: If anyone has 1800+ crime, arrest them. Can't knock down doors unless they have high crime and can't shoot citizens unless they shoot at you first. Can't let citizens inside PD. Can't use keys, can't AFK inside of PD. (Yes i will cuff and uncuff)

    What is the function the Civil Protection?: Keeps the crime down and helps citizens.

    If a player were to be rdming you what do you do?: Talk to him or her and see what the problem is. Nothing more I can do.

    How much time can you dedicate to the server(Include time zone):? Since i'm laid off work I spend lots of time online. I sometimes afk if i'm doing other stuff but as a cop I can probably play (as cop) for 6 hours a day.

    How will you benefit the server?: I'm always trying to help people and show them the ropes. Even when i'm afk i'm always popping in and out and answering questions.

    Is this your first time as Civil Protection?: No. I was a long time member back a while ago and stopped playing because of work and I did have cop.

    A new player has joined the servers and no admins are on, how will you help this player?: I will show him what jobs he can do, and what options he has as a new player. I would usually recommend getting keys off someone (usually give him keys to my place) so he can print or plant and gain some confidence and money. Also obviously show him the map and all the controls to buy stuff and where to sell there pot, bank money etc etc....

    Anything else you would like to add?: Thanks for reading my application :P

    --End Application--

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