Map making, suggestions and more

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    • Map making, suggestions and more

      Hi guys, so I've been working on an RP map for a little while now and was wondering if you guys could help me with it. So far i have a general layout which will need to be edited, textured and optimized. So if everyone could give me suggestions on what you guys would like to see in the map that would be great. Maybe if it's good enough it could be voted in for the next map but we'll see.

      Any suggestions will be taken a count for such as lighting (dark or bright map), housing and building sizes, secret areas, unique buildings, event areas, landmarks, PD, bank, water areas. Everything pretty much, and of course people that help sufficiently enough will be credited for somewhere in the map.

      I can probably post screenshots or something in the coming week for anyone interested.

      One more thing, if anyone could help me find a way to host a server for people to test the map that would be awesome.

      Thanks, Nutter.
    • i personally am looking for a bright map- it bings a sense of casualness and productivity

      im not too picky about textures, infact minimalism in the texture department would be a new thing to see

      too me its all about location location location

      good housing, pd / bank placement and secret areas

      and if one thing in particular i want to be achioeved is a fun pd (for raids) that will give a fair shot for both rebels and cops with possibly a prize for the rebels

      idk how far into it uve gone tho
    • I prefer Bright Maps over Dark Maps.

      I like maps that are big but not colossal in size.

      A Main Bank would be nice with possibly a small bank on the outer edge or opposite side the main bank. Police Department would be nice as a two or three story with some size and the armory to be placed somewhere in the middle, behind atleast 2 doors that need to be door hacked.

      Housing should be diverse with maybe 20 or so homes that are on the smaller scale for newer / starting out players. 30-50 moderate houses and 15-30 high houses then 5-10 mansion/super housing.

      I've always liked water but not in large amounts, maybe a river or canal that goes through the map with a bridge or two going over it?
      A nice tower of some sort could be cool, what type of layout overall are you going?

      Secret areas are amazing and really help to raise a homes value price wise and to players in general. Maybe 7-15 various secrets/areas. Maybe make one of these into an event hosting area with a considerable size so that Admins if wanting can use props to make mazes or games of some sort to play.

    • My overall layout at the moment is two large areas connected by alleyways and a tunnel. One large area is kind of split up by a couple buildings. The main bank just opposite the new player apartments to give them a better chance. A river was definitely something I was considering but I'll most likely have to change a lot of the map to make it fit in correctly I was also thinking of having a cathedral-like building with a big tower to snipe from but that might be a struggle to build. Also I was thinking of making the rooftops a playable area to give the map more of a 3D feel rather than just flat roads around the map
    • Yeah don't mind the smileys you can disable them for that post only by going to more options, settings the unchecking smilies.

      River isn't needed it's just something I've always liked in a map since it's a small waterway without completely causing areas to be unusable.

      It'd be a good idea to make Roof tops readily usable especially since the Server uses Double Jump. Being able to move around atop buildings always makes a map ''feel'' bigger.

      I like the sound of the Cathedral type building but if you decided to make that then you could make it the VIP Apartments with lots of moderate sized rooms for the VIPs with a separate room(Door hackable doors) so they auto lock when VIPs go through them. But make the top jump accessible so you could do your snipe tower without it being VIP only.

    • ^ lol.

      But really all i have to add is keep in mind the amount of players that maybe on the server at any given time. Freemancity is so succesful in part because it is the perfect amount of space for 32 players to both
      A) Find eachother relatively easy and kill eachother due to the centralized main districts of the map
      B) Hide and grow weed in many of the apartments.

      The centralized areas are really key, example being the whole PD bank area, where alot of DM occurs, and many mid teir houses are in this area. More DM is more money spent on food, guns, gpsbugs, locks etc. so areas like this keep the economy going.

      It also does not feel small or like a "racetrack" where you just do laps around the map. There are tunnels and alley ways where players can explore and find new routes. Also the rooftop dynamic adds a whole nother level to the map. This can be said for all RP maps, Whenever we add a 2nd floor to the map it becomes 10x better sniping noobs from the rooftops.

      Maps often fail because they are too big, too gimmicky and lack overall performance. Look at DST city. Great concept great puzzles and shit, but overall only lasted about a hour at best for uptime.

      I would keep in mind this rule of 32 player max and 10-15 average online at any given point. Understand that there needs to be 4 tiers of housing: Ghetto, mid, mansions, and VIPS. By mansions i mean gang bases really or big nice houses.

      Also keep in mind the 2048 EDICT limit put in by valve. That means prop_physiscs should be kept to a minimum As furniture will be spawned anyway.
    • This will mainly be focused on the PD and every hope i have for it on a new map, because i haven't seen people focus on it a lot.

      First of all, the basics. It's been said before, but it needs to be more exciting to break into, and rebel vs. cop friendly.
      I'd also like to see it BIGGER. And no, i'm not saying the entire map big, or even a fourth, but big in the sense that you can tell its not just some other part of the map. Make it stand out. An easy way to do this is make it a mini-citadel. Not exactly towering, but to the point where you can see it from any open space on the map.

      This is also asking a lot, i know, but if you put work into it you'll end up with a non-shitty citadel. Wider and taller.
      Another exterior problem is entrances. Of course you have the main big entrance, but you also need others. My ideas are: a watch tower that can be jumped onto, (this digs into The Doggy's idea of rooftop climbing) you would have to do a lot of jumping, but you'd end up at the top where hopefully a prize for your efforts is close to. The only other idea is some sort of area that again, can be jumped to. You know how the citadel isn't just a smoothly triangular tower and has bits and pieces sticking out? Well yeah, do that, but have an entrance along the way.

      Now for interior
      Suit charge rooms, and yes, i said rooms. If you have a big PD, then you have a lot of rooms. But if you don't have a lot to look for, those rooms will be useless to rebels, and even cops. So add two or three, one in the middle on top and one on bottom.
      But a burning topic i see a lot is REWARDS for breaking in the PD. Simply, ammo. Add a few of those ammo crates, and now you've satisfied both cops and rebels. You know those painful first ranks where you don't have anything on you but a pistol and maybe an SMG and bullets were scarce? Once you ran out of ammo, you're fucked! People in the PD can get a full suit charge, and all you can do is watch. Now i know this isn't fun for rebels either. Breaking in the PD should involve a hint of stealth, making it so that you aren't seen allowing you to get ammo and suit charge. But if a cop comes after you and sees you, but runs out of ammo, the first couple of times it's funny and you leave. The others it's boring and you kind of wish there was challenge. The ammo crates should be separated from the suit though, to prevent camping, in a way. And the crates should be pistol and SMG ammo only.

      Now with the PD being big, you would also need a lot of ways to traverse it. You cant have one pathway in the whole thing, taking out the sneaking factor. Ideas would to have two staircases on both sides, and an elevator in the middle, Each floor, (most likely 5 or 6) would have a purpose and have many entrances.
      On the topic of floor purposes, ideas from me are: Main armory, camera rooms (inside PD and outside), Jails, execution rooms, a shooting range (ammo crate location, as well as decoration), and the first floor being mostly processing. (mostly a corridor of rooms with windows, making it riskier to go in the front because cops will see you on the other side.)

      These are all the ideas i have, i hope i didn't seem like a jackass for requesting this much for one PD, but i'm just throwing stuff at the wall and seeing what sticks. Thanks for reading, c ye bae ;P