Aplication Civil Protection [Harlock]

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    • Aplication Civil Protection [Harlock]

      --Basic info--


      In-Game name:Harlock


      Time played:6h-2m



      Do you have a mic?:no

      Why are you applying for Civil Protection?:to help people and sometimes no one puts police and I would love to put on me

      What are the basic rules as Civil Protection?:
      Cuff/Uncuff and Jail is at 1,800+ Crime.
      Do not shoot at Rebels unless shot at first.
      - The only exception to this rule is if you are using Less than Lethal ammo to stun Rebels
      which is only allowed when their crime goes above 3500.
      Kickdoor is to be used when a player has 4,000+ crime to enter their house and jail them.
      -This costs $1500.
      Do not Unjail another cops prisoner without consent from that cop. Who you jail/cuff is your responsibility.
      Do not rejail an already jailed player.
      Do not switch to cop to get out of jail or avoid death.
      Any rebel (VIP or not) is to be shot on sight upon entering the PD. (This includes the roof)
      Do not suicide to give Rebels free weapons.
      Inactivity will result in a loss in cop privileges.
      Only switch when 2 or more cops are online.
      Do not switch back and forth between Rebel and Cop.
      Do not use Rebel items as cop.
      Do not use keys as a cop, even if it's your own house.
      Promotions are automatically applied, do not ask.
      Do not favor as a cop. Play fair.
      To avoid favortism, if you are going to release one of your jails, release them all.
      AFKing as cop is not permitted.
      If there is a rule breaker, capture evidence and submit it to an admin.
      If you visibly see a fellow cop get shot by a rebel, you may aid the cop in killing the rebel.
      Cop vs Cop fights are acceptable. But if the Cop you are attacking asks you to stop, you are required to stop.

      What is the function the Civil Protection?:
      protect the city and help everyone

      If a player were to be rdming you what do you do?:go for if over 1800 crime

      How much time can you dedicate to the server(Include time zone):?5h

      How will you benefit the server?:everybody helping and donating

      Is this your first time as Civil Protection?:no

      A new player has joined the servers and no admins are on, how will you help this player?:I teach everything there is to do and everything I help

      Anything else you would like to add?:if I'd like to be a cop to help and donate to the serve
    • You guys should check his ip and see which person is applying. Harlock is an account Jorune used to also use when he got rdmed a lot and he had quite a history of rule issues as cop. Past issues with jorune: Afking as cop multiple times when it wasn't allowed, blamed his maid for switching him when they cleaned his house. Rdming players if they kept taking his cuffs while hes still cop. Using /goto to kill a player while cop.

      Now if Harlock is truly Harlock in this app I'm all for it IF there is a spanish speaker willing to help him. I recall the language barrier was a bit of an issue but he never had bad intentions it just took awhile to train him so when he did break rules, the correction process took awhile.

      On second thought, If I actually even have to say he may break rules and need a spanish player to help him, perhaps that's already a sign that the all powerful staff shouldn't approve this?

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