New bugs.

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  • Cuffsaws don't uncuff players it leaves them cuffed. A lot of older players had the under 10 hours skin some say it happens if you don't choose a job but I've seen robbers with it. I'm not a cop yet I can see cop exp, switching jobs takes my guns when it didn't before. It now gives you a choice to not sell all your weed, not sure if intended but it's strange.

    Format isn't going to be used. The bugs are self explanatory do what you wish with this thread.

    This needs to be taken more seriously too Lockpick / Doorhack does not work anymoar it's an intermittent issue. Working once does not = working fine.

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  • Volar wrote:

    If a player using the Kill command in console then when they die their money doesn't drop where they died but gets spit out of one of the Gravestones in the Graveyard.

    Tested this multiple times with different people.


    Could be somehow money is spawning on worldspawn.

    That area in the grave is where the default playerspawn is for fmc

    cuffsaw etc could be returning an invalid entity

    Edit: cuffsaw is working but its just not giving you a gravgun / resetting your model alpha
  • Volar wrote:

    Plants and sm_takeitem fixed.

    Edit - Another Bug.

    Switching to VIP works and gives everything it should, However when you use a Job NPC to swap you lose all guns and Gravity Gun becomes Invisible.

    Edit 2 - Bug Above.

    It is now working for me but not others, this seems intermittent.
    Cuffsaws do uncuff the player however Weapons aren't given and the model stays the same as if you were cuffed.

  • The cuffsaw bug is actually an unintentional bug fix. The real bug was cuffsaws working through walls. I fixed that bug by accident, BUT I WILL BRING IT BACK. I wanted to keep that feature.

    I think the plugin sometimes blocks cop items when players are in the Off-Duty Cop job. That is likely why doorhacks and lockpicks don't seem to work sometimes.

    The other bugs are pretty easy. Idk about the plugin having hemorrhages, but I wish the plugin/server hadn't been restarted. I would have loved to see what was going on first hand, but it's alright.

    I realized when I started work today that I added cop exp, but that I never added in the code for awarding cop exp.
  • Fixes (I gotta get up early so this is it for tonight):
    - Fixed cuffsaws not working through walls. It now works through walls.
    - Fixed cops not receiving exp for actions. Cops now receive 2exp for jailing and 1 exp for cuffing. The 2exp is regardless of the time the jailed player remains in jail.
    - Fixed players with >10 hours have the box skin. HOWEVER: when the plugin is loading, anyone in the server before its fully loaded will have the box skin until their first death. I will fix this so the box skin only applies until the plugin has loaded. Aka I will call setupspawn on all players once the plugin loads initially.
    - Fixed players losing weapons when switching jobs
    - Fixed using Kill in console makes money drop at worldspawn. Basically I accidentally called the player.DropMoney function AFTER calling the player suicide function.
    - Changed CopExp to no longer show for non-cops (not originally a bug, but something I did on purpose and planned to change soon anyways)
    - ASSHOLE job now gives players 30hp and grayscales their screen like in the old days

    Fixes that will apply the next time the server crashes:
    - Fixed locks and lockbreakers don't display a message to the player that locks were added/removed

    Known Bugs
    - Players can't plant more plants after their first set. Will fix tomorrow.
    - Plugin doesn't change players >10 hours out of box model after initial load
    - Lockbreakers, locks, and other items cops aren't allowed to use like doorhacks, lockpicks, and cuffsaws might intermittently not work. Idk why they sometimes stop and then start again. This will take more investigation.
    - Players with the ASSHOLE job can /switch and /vip out of that job
    - VIPs don't receive their weapons back on uncuff or jail release (I think this is still a bug).
    - Some jobs in the legacyjobspack aren't working. I know there is an issue with the Stripper job. I think the others work though Hitman might not be giving double bounty to the hitman like it's supposed to.

    Apologies for not being able to fix the known remaining bugs tonight, but it is 10pm where I live, and I have to wake back up at 5am tomorrow morning. Hoping to get to sleep soon so I don't die in the morning. I will be off work relatively early though since I start early so I can get the rest of those bug fixes in.

    Thank you all so much for putting up with these changes and re-added bugs. I could have chosen not to resume devwork after many months being gone (which means you all would have been stuck with a plugin that has constant seizures in a world where Weed is illegal), but I came back. I really wanted to restructure the code to follow an object oriented style, and it has already paid off. I was able to fix a lot of bugs very quickly because this new structure makes it easy for me to know specifically where in the code to check or edit. However, such rewrites of the plugin does mean there will be bugs added in.
  • 420alex wrote:

    Cuffsaws were blocked from being used through walls to avoid abuse when paired with gps bugs..
    Perhaps someone could put a range on it so it can't be used across the map. Keeps people having to actually go into the pd. I wouldn't mind having to be up close to the player even if it could be done through the door as long as they had to be within a foot or two.

    The community was sort of 50-50 on it not working through walls. I'd prefer if it didn't work through walls but perhaps a range is a compromise. I've no idea on the situation though.

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  • Unable to pick up trash, players using items sometimes gives it to me. It's not telling me when I equip a weapon.

    Perhaps this should be done on the test server rather than the live server being the testing zone? Players are always more than willing to help out.

    The uptime should still take priority too. I've logged in daily due to people inviting me and the highest uptime I've seen is 12 hours. But the past 3 logins have been 2 hours.
  • I updated the server and in doing so realized that I forgot to have the trash system clean up after itself. The trash you can't pick up is left over from when I shut off the plugin to reload it. The uptime also resets when I reload the plugin. So far it has been consistently getting to 12 hours when I am not meddling with it (reloading it for changes to occur).

    I do test things in a test server when the fixes are more complicated. The fixes I already made were straight forward enough that I just put them straight to the live server.
  • I will add the maximum range back in then. I forgot about players using cuffsaws and GPS bugs, but I do want people to be able to cuffsaws through the jail cell wall at least. Its a quirk that has existed with previous rp scripts that I really liked.

    Also if anyone notices a pattern with when items like cuffsaws and doorhacks stop working and stop working then please let me know. After work I'll also generate a list of test cases to try out.
  • Your name: Archick

    Your steam id: STEAM_0:1:49241407

    Description of the bug
    I came online and went into my house. As soon as I get there, I see a printer from crazy Rocketman, who has keys to my house but was not online. I try to grab it, to give it to him later in case it bugged out, as soon as I grab the 738$ it has, it says that I took 738$ from Rev's printer. The name of the printer owner changed immediately (as i'm writing this, the plugin just crashed again) and it became Revs printer, who was in fact online, but had no keys to my house. A bugged printer now allows you to steal someone else's printer, apparently.

    How to recreate the bug:
    No idea.

    Does the bug cause a server crash?
    Well, the plugin crashed 3 minutes after, not sure if related, I just had the time to tell Duer what happened and then it went down.

    Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them: I lost no Money, I have 738$ dollars from Rev which I'll gladly give back and his printer was still there when the plugin crashed, so I couldn't grab it.


    Sazuke wrote:

    I shit you not, another glitch just happened with printers. My info is in the post above, so I'll just write what happened.
    Both players [Kizaru (STEAM_0:0:11480418) connected from Austria and bAnnaananan (STEAM_0:0:67635592) connected from Austria] who I was helping a few hours ago, just told me that after the plugin crash, since they were printing, they came back online with the printer still on the ground and one added back to their inventory. Happened to both.
  • I fixed the bug with printers duplicating a while back, it was happening due to printers not being killed properly when players disconnect so if we fix that again it should prevent at least the first bug from happening, I'm not sure about the new players getting printers back in their inventory though, that would have to be looked into more.