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      Developer Commentary 10/25/16

      Firstly, I would like to apologize for my last set of bug fixes and updates. I neglected to make an announcement with the change log for the plugin. I have also since thrown out the whole list of changes I made, but I will try to list as many of them that I can remember below. In the future I will be better at posting change logs in the announcements section.

      Before I get into the goodies, I would like to also ask that somebody update the MOTD to have the correct cop EXP listed. For those who don't know, I simplified the code, and doing so made every cop level be exactly 400 exp per level. This was done a very long time ago, but I still keep getting asked. I do not expect to be changing this any time soon.

      There are so many new features that I wish to begin coding into the plugin right away. I have three new jobs I want to add as a new module for the plugin (which will be named the UltimateJobsV1 module), and I am still taking ideas for possible things I can do to occupy players while in jail. There are other things I want to add, but I am currently tied up with school work. What you guys will not be getting in the next two weeks is the new jobs/features. I am currently too busy with many school projects for that. What you will be getting are bug fixes galore, and maybe a couple small feature additions. You will also promptly get a few balance changes and a promptly posted change log.

      BluRP Core v1.20:
      - Printers nerfed heavily since job is AFK only
      - Fixed some player models are errors (but let me know if you find any player models with errors)
      - Fixed sm_takeitem not working
      - Added functions for modifying details about game items without deleting and recreating the items
      - Fixed sm_saveit creates duplicate saves of the same model if used multiple times. Now updates the existing save
      - Fixed VIP skins and player skin items change to defaults on respawn
      - Partially fixed Stripper Job.
      - Fixed Event Box doesn't disappear when E is pressed, thus causing no more to spawn
      - Updated logging system for future ease of use. Still needs testing and further updates.

      - sm_bribe now allows players to increase their bribe without the cop denying or accepting the original bribe
      - Fixed issue with bountied players getting killed
      - Fixed door locks able to go into negatives.
      - Fixed item use glitch that gave undefined behavior.

      Below are the things I plan to push in the next week to two weeks:

      BluRP Core v1.2.1:
      - Add suicide out of combat warning messages
      - Add suicide out of combat logging
      - Remove timers on the kill, sm_switch, and sm_vip commands.
      - Add combat flagging. Details on combat flagging and suicide out of combat warnings will be posted in the update news
      - Add NPC notices. For example, looking at a banker will show "Press E to Use" as the look notice. Other helper notices will be added as well.
      - Fix sm_bribe not bribing random cop if player is sent to jail on bounty
      - Buff printers. I nerfed them too heavily in v1.2.0. They will still be less profitable than the other jobs
      - Buff/balance all jobs. Active jobs will pay more than AFK jobs.
      - Fix plugin not properly cleaning up after itself when being restarted.
      - Make player max jail time increase based on how many kills they get. Jail time will be calculated the same way.

      I foresee some concerns about the max jail time so let me clear that up right here. Max jail time will be decreased to 3 minutes. Your jail time will be calculated in the exact same way no matter what, but capped at a maximum for 3 minutes. HOWEVER, should you decide to kill somebody, that maximum cap will go up by 30 seconds. So if you kill 10 people, your maximum possible jail time will be 8 minutes. That does not mean you would be in jail for 8 minutes. It only means that you could go to jail for that long if you gained enough crime.
      What the above system will do is give those less of a boring wait in jail if they are only doing RP related stuff. It only punishes those more harshly for killing players.
      Your maximum jail time will not increase if you kill somebody with a bounty, you kill a cop, or if you kill a player who has a hit placed on them (assuming you are also using the Hitman job).
    • I updated the Cop List on Saturday during the meeting.

      Edit -

      Cop Ranks1.
      Police Academy Student = 0-398 Exp
      2. Police Officer = 400-798 Exp
      3. Police Corporal = 800-1198 Exp
      4. Police Sergeant = 1200-1598 Exp
      5. Police Lieutenant = 1600-1998 Exp
      6. Police Captain = 2000-2398 Exp
      7. Police Major = 2400-2798 Exp
      8. Police Colonel = 2800-3198 Exp
      9. Chief of Police = 3200 Exp and Beyond.
      10. Police General(Beef's Job) = 1,000,000 (Making sure only the most loyal of Cops can be promoted to it)
      Cops receive 2 Exp per Cuff and $3 per second a criminal that they cuffed remains in Jail.

    • CheesyBread wrote:

      - Partially fixed Stripper Job.

      this is bullshit, "partially" is unacceptable, this job alone is why 90% of the players even logs in.
      On a brighter note, congratulations, this all clearly took time and it seems to be all implemented well, at last. But, as I mentioned in another thread, I do believe you need to tweak the bribe system a bit and allow for us to decrease bribes or make the bribe only acceptable for 10/15 seconds, since some cops will accept a $2500 bribe on the last 10 seconds of the incarceration, which is ridiculous and easily abused to target players.

      Excited for the new job changes then, since I believe nerfing the printer when it's one of the two most used jobs before buffing other jobs might have been a mistake. It would have been easier to just make it swallow more paper and players would have to come online more. I don't usually afk, but I sometimes left the printer at home and went to the streets, now that's gone.