Lockbreaking suggestion

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    • Lockbreaking suggestion

      Should you be able to check who broke your locks within a certain time window? 10
        Yes (5) 50%
        No (5) 50%
      I think it should tell you who broke the locks on your door in the last 24 hours and how many they broke. It would allow people to retaliate, and to do that you'd need to spend money. More money spent = less stockpiling money. I think it's sort of lame how you can go around breaking locks anonymously
    • Imo, this would discourage lockbreaking more than encourage because breaking locks from a millionaire's house would mean that you get targeted and unless you have millions yourself, you're pretty screwed...
      I think a better way to do this would be to put back the message when someone broke 1000+ locks from your door e.g. "blah blah broke 1234 locks from your door", so when someone breaks a significant amount of locks from your door, you can still get revenge.
    • I mean it's not a terrible idea, having it set to something like 500-1000 actually sounds like a rather good idea. I'd say it'd have to have a timer on it though so for instance they could break 400 of 500 locks and not leave a message then when X time passes it clears and then they can break more without being noticed or they could just not care and break the 500 and beyond.

    • Yeah that sounds good too. The main reason why I suggest something like this be added is because there have been so many times where people who keep to themselves for the most part get their locks broken for no particular reason, but if people knew who was going around breaking locks unprovoked people would be more likely to team up against them in retaliation
    • i think a message telling you someone is breaking into your property with the 1st lock broken, not telling the owner who that person is, and instead just letting them rush to their house to find out, so if 1 lock broken or 100 a time, you get a message and you can try to rush back and save your locks, hopefully
    • Also earlier someone had mention that the millionaires would see that someone with less money than them broke their locks and target the poorer player relentlessly in retaliation, I don't think this would be an issue because if we are all honest with ourselves here, for the most part its the people who have a ton of money doing a lot of the lock breaking and targeting people who don't have as much. But even if that were to happen it's not really like it's unfair. If you don't have the means to defend yourself once they try to retaliate why even provoke them by messing with their locks in the first place? I think this could work out particularly well if it was implemented with the next economy reset while everyone is starting out fresh
    • Well according to a player on here, one of the admins with log access has been revealing to players who broke who's locks. I am not sure if that is meant to be allowed at the moment, but breaking locks has always been anonymous. Of course the superlockbreaker was the exception where it would change the door notice to "busted by ----".

      Personally I've always liked that lockbreaking was anonymous. I agree that if everybody knows who broke their locks then nobody would break locks anymore. Breaking locks would basically be a guaranteed retaliation.
    • CheesyBread wrote:

      Well according to a player on here, one of the admins with log access has been revealing to players who broke who's locks.
      That would be me and I've only told whom broke whoms locks when doing Refunds for Locks broken with Exploited cash. The one exception to this is when Rocketman asked me about someone possibly exploiting and I looked it up to find nothing, however Rocket also thought I had broken 2000 of his locks since I was messing with him over the Mic. The person he had asked about was actually the one that broke the 2000 locks and I mentioned it to him during the overall chat.

      Edit - Grammatical Error Fixed.

    • Shroom was the one Rocket asked me to investigate that day, I had kinda guessed it was him since the rest were all Rasul at the time with me just doing refunds from my inventory lock supply, I had to give them a reason why I'd just run up and hand over chunks of locks.

      I wouldn't know about the second part since I've only ever registered once and that was a long while ago.

      Edit - As a side note to anyone whom happens to read.

      I'm quite a forthright person, if you anyone ever has a problem or concern regarding me just bring it up. I won't shrink back and not admit what I did, I'll admit to it and explain why I did it.