Hand of Doom admin abuse

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  • Hand of Doom admin abuse

    We all know how this will end, the Hillary Clinton treatment of a free pass because of you are. I will probably even get a few insults out of this. Actually believe someone will eventually close it, because it's just not in the best interest of the server. This is not about me, I would like to say that in the first place.
    But in any case, I could not in good consciousness stop myself from writting this and do a proper report, since I just want to set the record straight here.

    On this Tuesday, the 8th of November, The Doggy started a thread called "Archick is improved Doggy?" ( which you can find here: Archick is improved Doggy? ), on which AFTER the problem in question being handled, I used the Quote feature to change what people were saying. The quote feature allows you to make it look like who ever you want, said what ever you want. Make it look, because you wont be changing what they actually said in like, literally the post above. That being said, I was joking around with everyone and even other people changed my quotes, admins even adopted my changes as their signatures, all seemed like good all around fun, since all I wrote was utter bullshit, pure troll.

    And then this happened:

    Hand of Doom.png

    I could not access my account and had to CTRL + Shift + P to see what happened, since I could not even log off. At this point, I figured out that my Steam account, the only one I have, had been banned from the forums with no apparent unban date, by Hand of Doom. I was now banned from the forums, the most important tool to report, debate and stay in touch with the Cold Community. I then headed into the server, since Doom was online but offline on steam, to ask until when would I be banned. The answer was that the ban was permanent. A few people, on Doggys thread, did not support the ban and considered it an overreaction, but nothing changed, I was still banned.

    After a few hours, I was again on the server, kept giving Doom some sums of money, like $420 when he walked pass me, as a joke bribe, because I didn't really understand what was happening. There were 17 people or so on the server, I asked to be unbanned.
    Doom asked me if I was under the impression my ban was not fair, to which I replied "yes, it was not fair at all, in my opinion."
    His reply, and I quote: "You know what you did, so shut the fuck up before I ban you from here too".
    Rasul, being my friend, just said: "wow Doom, calm down, no need for that", to which Doom shouted (yes, I was surprised to see Doom shout too): "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU WANNA BE NIGGA". Up to this point, 9th of November, I was banned from the forums and I thought that he was having a tantrum or was moody about the US elections or something and saw an easy target, so I didn't make much of it. But "SHUT THE FUCK UP, YOU WANNA BE NIGGA" is unacceptable wether it's Doom or it's a russian kid on the server, but being an admin, this was utterly disrespectful. He then said "if you guys think you're going to troll me, i've got news for you", to which I replied "what news?" (I admit that this can be seen as me provoking, but what can I do if I am being told to "shut the fuck up" for trying to get unbanned and my friend is told the same thing becaue he tried to defend me? It's not like I could appeal my ban on the forums), I was then immediately kicked out of the server. I came back completly raged but Rasul messaged me on steam not to say anything else and maybe try to talk to another admin, because what I was going to say was probably going to get me banned. I haven't been on the server since and don't feel like doing it, for the last 4 days, I waited to my fórum ban to be lifted, which was yesterday.

    I was doing something that no one seemed to mind, let alone tell me it was "illegal", so I'm still trying to figure out why was I banned and why this behavior ensued.

    I feel like sometimes admins forget who they are. And I don't mean to be provocative with this by any means, but we are all kids/teens/men behind a computer, just using our free time to try and have some fun together... Sometimes admins make things personal, for some unknown external reason, and drop their problems here as if the server works as a playground, since no one will be able to do anything about it. This was never the case for Doom, I have no idea what happened for things to reach this. I am not that mad about my forum ban (which I disagree was correct and most seem to do so too, because I was trolling and that's 50% of the activity on this forum), I really think the problem was the way the players were addressed. But both that and the ban, seem unfair to just let go, because if I got adminship and did this, I would lose it the next morning. I don't want that to happen, I don't expect nothing at all to happen, I just wanted to get this out of my chest.

    PS: Sidezz changed the quote of an admin (Kaito Shuno), using he text of a Developer (Cheesy), while being an admin himself. So, if I got a 4 days ban, this will surely make Sidezz spend the New Years Eve banned, since there are no double standards.
    I'm kidding, we all like sidezz and bullies never act against someone who could actually do something back.
  • I was not planning on making a thread about it, I was going to write it on the Doggy thread since that's where I was banned, but someone closed it.
    I tried to talk to Doom on the server, he said with a calm voice "Do you think the treatment was unfair?" and I was happy there was dialogue, but as soon as I replied that yes, i believed it was unfair, he told me "you know what you did, so shut the fuck up".
    You don't see how this would be abuse? I was banned from the forum, the only tool I can use to make a complaint about being banned. He left me no way to communicate with other admins, to appeal to this ban (which I did not see anyone agree with) or to even try and understand what was happening, since I couldn't even log out to see the forum as an outsider, it would just give me an error page. If this is infact a bannable offense, sidezz account has to be banned from the forums for at least the same time I was, right? Duer, most people including you, Volar, even Eldrun, were (from my pov) not on board with this decision, but I was still banned. It looked like no one really wanted to contradict Doom and I had no way to input. How would that make you feel?

    Edit - Completly disregarding the racist and abusive response he gave to Rasul.
  • I actually looked at your account earlier today since I had planned to Unban you on the Forums. I may not have agreed with Doom in the Thread about it being a serious thing but I made sure to check you weren't banned on the Server aswell. After seeing that you weren't I decide to just leave it be until the expiration date hit or 1 week if there wasn't one.

    If Doom actually replied in that way then I can see how you could feel verbally(written) abused however we've never had a Rule about cussing out or saying Racist remarks to other players. The only thing that comes close to that is the Don't Disrespect Admins Rule which doesn't apply since neither is an Admin and Admins cuss or say shit to each other all the time.

    Honestly what are you hoping would happen as an Action against him?

    A few hurtful words are far from some of the past shit other Admins of power have done. We've had others join just to spam cakes or trains to kill other players and some used commands to mass spawn other objects or to troll players. Those could all be classified under Abuse. Those are all Admins using Admin Abilities against non-admins which is against an Admin Rule.

    What I'm trying to get to here is that words won't do it. Admins are players too, they can have feelings and act out on them.(If appropriate use Admin commands based on if a Rule is being broken or not)

    Your Forum ban is one thing which can atleast be discussed with him but him speaking out on the Server and clearly upset in some way will probably be dismissed. I'm not saying it's right or wrong, if anything it just shows an Unprofessional attitude towards a player or players that doesn't need to happen. Not everyone can be unbiased and they definitely can't be all the time, we're all human after all.

    As for the Sidezz stuff the only people that can actually do anything to him are Syle and maybe Cheesy and Dane. Honestly the Update Today spam stuff is getting old.

  • Volar wrote:

    Honestly what are you hoping would happen as an Action against him?
    Nothing. I stated that in the beginning and somewhere by the end of my post.
    That's exactly the point. Even forgetting what he said, which was ridiculous by itself, how can a player be banned from the forums for that? I've seen people here call the admins a lot of things, either by troll or by their believe in some sort of incompetence. I did none of that. It was in itself an abusive measure, considering the server now forces steam-linked accounts and I have no other account.
    I really expect nothing to happen, but I think it's unfair that there are double standards for some people. Due to their status or contributions, they can just blow off some steam on others. In the end of the day, he did what he wanted, I got banned for ~4 days and now life goes on. Just wanted to get this out of my chest, you can close it or even erase it, I see how things work and there's nothing that can be done.
  • I'd rather not close or erase the thread since I'd like Doom to make a statement in it. It's about him after all.

    As I said above you were banned on the forums and not the Server itself thus action wasn't taken when it happened.

    When talking about past cases where you've seen things happen on the forums to other Admins and nothing happened just keep in mind only Root and possibly Elite can Forum Ban thus unless an Admin brings it up to one of us and deems it that inappropriate or if we feel it was way out of line they won't get Forum Banned.