Greasers Official Resignation (informal)

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    • Greasers Official Resignation (informal)

      Hey everybody,

      I feel like just yesterday I wrote my application for admin. Time can really fly by. I loved this server so much, I've met so many great people on it, it's honestly amazing. I can remember meeting everyone of my great friends for the first time, and it's a really amazing feeling. Every admin on this server is my friend and they all have shown me great respect as well as the players. And to all you players that have broken the rules I fucking love you too for giving me something to do! I've seen people grow and mature over time and it's all truly incredible. This server has taught me so many things I wouldn't have learned without it. It was truely an honor to serve. You are all like family to me. But, I am getting bored of hl2dm and I have not met any new players or helped out much in a month. It's time for me to give up my position for someone else to experience. Someone who can play more than me and dedicate the time I used to put into this server day and night. someone else more active can play and enjoy the game like I have. I'm still going to be hanging around the server from time to time. so if you ever need any help feel free to ask and I could show you some things. Even you newer admins that take my place, if you need help with commands or anything feel free to ask me. And for you players, I know every admin staff so if ones not on I could contact one for you. It's been an honor guys.

    • well, could not have said it better myself lol. This looks really well done, I feel that I have slowly contributed less and less towards the server and agree with Greaser. I think it is time for me to step down and allow another player the opportunity of admin. I would come on more but school and work, on top of my laptop getting broken I think it would be better having an admin who is able to be around more and can see the changes as they come. thank you for allowing me to become admin as well