What is it like being Naujoji?

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    • What is it like being Naujoji?

      What is it like being Naujoji?

      I always seem to have a negative aura around me at all times. This maybe because of me killing you, or your friends. Maybe you don't like how I speak to you over the microphone, maybe my actions bother you.

      People always try and one up me, because I'm Naujoji. They try and stop me, kill me, shoot me, whatever. But they end up failing. And that makes them hate Naujoji even more. I can't change how a majority of people think about me now, my reputation has been stained permanently. New players rarely even come onto the game, but when they do I do try to help them with my limited abilities

      That goes unseen and unheard because I killed you too much in a video game. I don't break the rules anymore, I rarely troll people anymore. But people think thats all I'm about because a short period in the past that got much publicity. Everyone knows that I don't like some players of the community. I'll be open to them and tell them who I don't like and why. I'm not on the video game to make you perceive me as a tough guy that doesn't care. That's just who I am. I could care less what you think about me, or care less about your whining. I'm grown up.

      The whole experience in the past has changed me. I don't care about what people think anymore, and that's how I always will be. I feed off people hating me. I enjoy it. I could care less about my image to people that I don't know. It doesn't bother me that you don't like me. I keep my friend circle small. I'm not about fake relationships with people online. I don't come online to talk to people. I come online to play the game.

      I however, do care about the community. Without the community I wouldn't be able to come on and play. Maybe it doesn't seem like it when I kill you over and over, but I do want you to stay. I also want to prove to the world that I won't go away. I won't be passed up by anyone. I have an alpha dog mentality. I don't want to see anyone above me, and I want to do what I want.

      I don't care what you all think about me. When community places people above you for no reason, you don't care anymore. If a player is liked more than me for no reason, it makes you not care anymore. Sure, I didn't care about anything for a period of time. But that's also how I felt about being placed under someone for a stupid reason.

      People misconceive me, and think I don't care. I do care, but I wont be vocal about it. My feelings are reserved because that's how I am. I open up to people I am close to, not people I don't know. That is how most people should be. I am not going to come on and make attention. I am going to say how I see it. People don't always agree with me. Me wondering why makes them upset. Events in the past give me a negative conception.

      Most people will always see me negatively because of something that was blown out of proportion. Me killing someone and having a grudge isn't a big deal, but certain people higher up made it a big deal. Then when everyone is against me, people follow the curve and don't necessarily dislike me for their own reason, but for a reason that was given to them. Everyone wants to be liked and they happen to be alike. I act diffident and I am hated for it. This community sometimes is split by my actions. People either love me or hate me, and I don't usually see people with a neutral stance on me. People that dislike me always bring up the same reasons, when there are more reasons to like me.

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    • Naujoji I liked you and thought you were cool but there came a time where you started what seemed like just fucking with me and making my life on the server hell and questioned my authority and did so much to me that I basically quit playing because I was scared of being harassed or criticized by you because as I said in my post about stepping down I'm in a very vulnerable state and have been for quite a while and I came to this server to talk and have fun and enjoy the community but you made it impossible for me to do so. Idk if you've changed or not you may be different than you were then idk. I wanted a friendship with you and we can still have one I'd just like an apology and I will apologize for the shit I've done as well because we both know I'm not perfect either.
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