A couple of suggestions

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    • A couple of suggestions

      I apologize if these suggestions have been mentioned already in other topics but I don't read all topic posts all the time.

      So here are a couple of suggestions I thought could be added/changed in the server:

      Keep in mind that these are all just my opinion on things and a response for events that happened in the server.

      1) Props:

      I know a lot of people who have props in their houses might strongly disagree with me on this one because of the work and effort that has been put by the admins or other players into buying the props, but in my opinion my take on props are 2:

      A) Remove them completely (Not the best of choices I guess)
      B) Make the props available simplistic and nice/fun ones: Realistically (Even though this server doesn't follow realism and I'm not bragging about that) gravestones and fences are not added inside a house. Props that players should be able to buy should be fairly simple like a light lamp with maybe a configurable light_dynamic in it or some other things like a mattress or bed or a couch, laser beams, (Not many downloadable stuff?)
      It gets VERY nasty when complex structures of fences and gravestones are being built in a house, mainly due to a couple of reasons, the first being is that they can be placed in such a way that a player has to crouch to get inside a house / kill someone, this gives a very large disadvantage for the attacker and a big advantage for the home owner. The other thing there is this fellow prop, the gravestone, which has one visible front side, and the back of it is just nodraw-ed / incomplete, these props can have such an advantage for the home owner that it really gives no sense of fairness for the attacker.

      Now I heard that Beef (If I understood it correctly from Koala) said that if the home owner was able to see the head of the attacker and the attacker able to see the legs of the home owner then we are settled. In my opinion that makes it not very fun. The player bought lockbreakers/lockpick for a reason: to be able to easily get in the house of someone and rob/kill him, not pass through a clusterfuck maze to reach the attacker.

      If a player bought a house maybe he should be given 10-25 locks as a start with him, so that he will be able to protect his house.

      Reason I gave this suggestion: BoSS. The Castle's House (Check it out if you want to see what I mean)

      2) Under 10H:

      Yesterday and today I had a very annoying stupid argument with 3 players who were trying to be smart and take advantage of the Under 10H system against me. I'm not gonna go into detail into this subject but I'm just gonna throw in a suggestion regarding the Under 10H system, I already told BPN about it and I will mention it here again:

      - Don't allow the new players to use weapons, disable PVP on them
      - Optional: Lower it to 5 hours

      3) Binds: Before I get extremely super rejected I will just consider writing it here for the possible chance of it being accepted (lol)

      - Allow players to bind keys to equip weapons faster, but not HP/Suit (Why not use a plugin that reads client-console input?)

      Ok I wrote too much I'll stop for now, need sleep.

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    • Prop Rules use to be more strict than in 2016 it was wiped clean allowing anything and everything to be done.

      Wipe the slate clean #Nolimits2016 <--- This is where it was wiped and later on in it you'll see me fighting to fix the rules.

      Should These Be The New Prop Rules - Poll Included. <--- This is my thread on possible rules changes that ended up getting implemented in the Admin Rules section for Propping.

      Humam wrote:

      - Optional: Lower it to 5 hours
      We just raised it from 5 to 10 a matter of months ago. Reason being Under10s can do what they want, we really don't need to be limiting them. Yes it could stop Under 10 RDM but it could also make players not want to play since they can't do anything besides a job which most don't figure out that quickly.

      Also if we remove all weapons are they keeping the Grav Gun? If so whats to stop them from buying a bed and just cannon killing everyone?

      Edit - Grammar and Links.

    • I'll be speaking in a fresh mind regarding the under 10h system

      The other day I once killed an under 10 while playing with slams, I did not mean to start a war or anything by that, that under 10 however had 2 of his friends who started to team up on me so I had to fight them back at all time, but it got silly when I'm allowed one revenge kill when I know that they will kill me each time they see me. (Which they did)

      "That's the under 10h rule and they can do that" ok

      See I don't kill under 10h in fact I find them very funny after seeing those box models and I just wanna hug them LOL

      But the thing with these 3 players I'm gonna consider as an exception because these players had countless hours of RP-ing before and they have experience.

      I have been killed by under 10h before and I never treated them as I did with those 3, it usually ends very fast after I show him that "Yes I can kill you back so stop" . However these 3 were talking jack-shit all the time thus giving me some adrenaline to kill them and post a suggestion about it. It may not be the best of suggestions after looking back at it now.

      I'll be reading the posts regarding the props when I'm in the mood
    • Some people can be like that. If thats the case ask an Admin to make a call for you or try to get them to agree to a war thus nullifying the Under 10 Rule due to a written agreement.

      If we're being real though majority would opt not to do that and thus you're left with dealing with it, UNTIL they hit 10 hours. As soon as their protections gone let er RIP.

    • @Volar I just read the entirety of both topics just to have an understanding of how things were/are now.

      If these latest rules are on the server already then I don't see them applied on The Castle's VIP house. I would like you to check him out.

      Maybe make defensive props buyable.
      CoLD Community Roleplay/Build | Purge District | should be new hostname

      @CheesyBread Well like I said above I had to give my case an exception. However you could do that if you want to be 100% sure that newcomers won't get bullied/harmed/edgy lol.
      But then again it can slightly lower the fun if they want to do some killing on their close friends or something.
      Maybe lower hours to 5 in that case?

      What about binding?
    • I did his props, he asked for several things that I denied due to them not following the written rules. The only thing I might change is the transparency on Fences since those make it hard to see him when he's behind that grave blind.

      One Way Props that can't be shot through are fine and having the face of the grave towards you is actually a good thing since it shows you the collision compared to his side where he can't see the edge of the grave very well while shooting.

      While Traversing his crouch walk fence ''maze'' as soon as he's able to shoot you you're also able to shoot him. His blind stops head shots but that also follows the current prop rules.

      A house is supposed to be advantageous to the home Owner but it's not supposed to be a Dooms Day Bunker that we used to have in the past where you couldn't see your attacker or even have a general direction until you've seen the bullets flying.

      ADMIN PROP RULES1. Resized-One-Way-View scenarios are only to be used at Fixed Windows.2. Propping Defense must allow clear shots for both Attacker and Defender during combat.(Location of shot doesn't matter)3. Black may not be used in Mazes or in groups which create a Black-Out Room.4. Transparent Props must be easily identified upon entering a home.

    • There was a moment in the crouch tunnels where the player had to turn right and that part is when The Castle will jump over one of the fences when he sees you are not aiming at a certain direction then headshot you while you are still not able(?) to see him.
    • Humam wrote:

      There was a moment in the crouch tunnels where the player had to turn right and that part is when The Castle will jump over one of the fences when he sees you are not aiming at a certain direction then headshot you while you are still not able(?) to see him.
      The thing is you can walk backwards while going in. You won't go any faster looking forwards than you are walking backwards when you're trapped in an annoying crouch maze.

      Honestly I wouldn't mind banning crouch tunnels like we had way back when.

    • So basically he is safe from getting his setup removed by an inch.

      Oh well I won't bother on this prop matter anymore, especially after seeing those 2 topics and realizing how much they were used, it is like a simplistic short version of a Build mod from what I can see, while still enjoyable, can still slightly distort some roleplay fundamentals.
      rp_ maps were structured in such a way that I personally doubt there was a thought about these type of props/defensive structures being placed inside of them.

      My first post still holds my opinion though, and that is just an opinion nonetheless.