Banned for no reason

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  • Banned for no reason

    steam ID: # [U:1:14433282]
    My in game name: Kekor
    Banned by : Oatmeal the corrupt admin

    so i was banned by Oatmeal without him ever saying a word of warning to me becuase i'm under 10 hour's and i killed an under 10 hour that kept provoking me by pulling out weapons in my face. after this ban which was an hour or so i reconnected and literally did nothing but type !admins to see who was on at which point Oatmeal immediately kicked me from the server without a single word. i rejoined for a third time and was immediately Perma banned without cause was on the server for about 10 seconds at that point (apperantly this third ban was from Doggy who literally did not say a single word after joining the server even though multiple people tried to contact him to resolve this issue). all of this while being an under 10 hour and killing another under 10 hour which btw i was told by an admin early on while joining the server that killing under 10's while being an under 10 is 100% legal!!! also while this was going on patriot was calmly trying to figure out why i was banned and oatmeal then panned patriot without a word of warning while in the middle of appoligizing and saying he'd lift my ban which has not been lifted. all of this becuase i killed someone named survivor who spawned with shotguns and crowbars along with having doorhacks and lockpicks so obviously not a real noob, btw the survivor guy was randomly killing under 10's after they were selling trash.

    literally just got back into the game after years of having a break used to play on abusement park with ::AP:: Thundershorts, CM_Vulcan, ::AP:: Slim shady, and a few others but it's dissapointing to have actually found a live server after all this time just to have it ruined by a few abusive admins who not only ban wrongfully but without warning and apperantly abundantly.

    on a completely seperate note if the owner is the same syles i remember as syles22 then i had admin on one of your servers a few years back. was around the whole caboose fiasco if you remember that. anyways sucks to see such a good looking server go down the drain.

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  • Well I was also banned in the same incident so I'll just post here instead of creating my own.

    What happened was

    1. Survivor RDMs Kekor, some other guy, and myself whilst we were collecting trash for some petty money since we're new and broke. Me and kekor have below 10 hours, so does survivor.
    2. Kekor and I engage in battle with Survivor in which he partakes
    3. Survivor then starts to complain and cry that hes under 10 hours (At this time no admin has said a word, me and kekor were once told by an admin that under 10s CAN kill under 10s so we felt like we were in the right 100%)
    4. Obviously Survivor is communicating with admin Oatmeal who hasn't said a word yet because they both stand in the middle of the park together where kekor shot Survivor after he had pulled out a crowbar (This guy had been attacking us, so we considered this provoke as well as the fact that an admin told us that "provoking" includes pulling out a weapon and pointing it at someone) - No admin has said a word so far.
    5. Kekor is banned no reason given. (After this point I do get upset, and at one point said "Oatmeal is going to lose his admin now" - Oatmeal's mic is currently muted muted so I never heard a word from him so as far as I knew it was blatant abuse.
    6. Some time later Doggy joins but he ignores me completely when I ask to speak with him.
    7. Eventually after kekor was banned twice Oatmeal all of the sudden starts speaking to me saying "did you not hear me when I said not to kill under 10s"? NO I say, we NEVER heard that.
    8. Oatmeal admits that his mic had been muted, that he made a mistake and would unban kekor and I also agree with Oatmeal that killing level 10s must be against the rules since he as an admin told me such (previously when a player told us it was still against the rules I asked for an admin to tell me that officially considering a previous admin said it was okay for under 10s to kill under 10s, but at no point before the bans were we ever told by an admin to stop any actions of any sort).
    9. While me and Oatmeal have a cordial discussion where we both apologized I GET BANNED.

    I assume doggy who ignored me completely after he logged banned me, and apparently banned kekor for some BS of "ban evasion" after kekor was unbanned.

    So as we are picking up garbage we get RDMd by a prick (Which is okay, me and kekor can defend ourselves) we BOTH end up getting banned with no reasons stated, no warnings ever. I assume Survivor was NEVER punished for his original RDM of under 10s but my first intention after being RDMed wasn't to cry for an admin but to fight back and make the prick learn his lesson.

    After oatmeal Finally talked to me, like I assured him there I'm telling you now me and kekor have NO intention of killing under 10s (even the pricks who killed us) since we now know it's a violation of the rules and that the first admin that told us otherwise must have been mistaken. That's fine, we didn't start playing this RP server to break the rules and get banned, yet here we are both banned.

    PS: Me and Kekor just started playing HL2 DM again after we learned this RP community existed, before between the both of us we put 6,000 hours in Abusement Park and wanted to come back out of nostalgia and some old friends that still play. We legitimately thought under 10s could kill under 10s since previously when a guy (who was since banned for aimbot, lol) was killing us BEFORE we had guns we did comment on it and the response from that admin at the time was "under 10s can kill under 10s" so that's the information we were running with, personally we come from AP which had no such rules against killing so we wen't with that and ran with it.

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  • kekor/patriot,

    You were banned for killing under 10s repeatedly, however 0at failed to notify you due to his mic being muted. Since that's the case the ban was removed but you apparently came on an alt and complained about it. Thats why Doggy permed you. Using alts to evade bans is prohibited but in this case the ban was not warranted.

    I have removed both bans on your record. Locked.