Getting keys to random doors

    • Getting keys to random doors

      Your name: Eldrun

      Your steam id: Check profile

      Description of the bug: You can get keys to different doors randomly, not sure if you can or how to recreate it.

      How to recreate the bug: N/A ?

      Does the bug cause a server crash?: No.

      I know it's a bug because we both know Koolaid isn't giving me keys to his door

      [Blue RP] Door has 0 locks.
      [Blue RP] Online Owner(s) of door #318:
      [Blue RP] KOOLAID
      [Blue RP] Eldrun
    • Thanks for posting it, it's a known bug which has been replied to by Cheesy in the past. Let me try to find the thread.

      Edit -

      Random player names appearing on key holder list for doors doors

      CheesyBread wrote:

      So I found a potential reason for why this may happen.

      It's impossible to test because it requires another player joining the server within 0.1 seconds of the first player leaving.

      That is such a small period of time that even if I had a buddy on teamspeak join, the latency of the audio would make it where they wouldn't join quickly enough. This is one of those bugs that I can only attempt to apply a fix to, which I think I did, and then wait and see if the bug continues.

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