Difficult Times

  • Difficult Times

    This is just a personal topic I want to share. ^^

    Lately I've been dealing with a bunch of stress in the weeks. The reasons are the heavy exams and the pressure from the school, causing me to literally flip the tables. dash
    I'm keeping my temper as best as I can in order to be cheering and friendly to you all. :D

    As I'm writing this and using my school's wifi, I can tell it is the worst when it comes to combat in HL2. So you won't expect much duel with me from Mon-Fri.
    I love the weekends, because I'm home. :P

    Wish you a great and safe day, all the way from Denmark. :thumbsup:
    Don't do the Crime, if you can't do the Time.
  • Ive never seen you salty, mr Toxic, your always in for some fun and DM when there is time and place for that. Never seen you troll ore over rape a player. when you DM with players and thy just ask you to stop, because its not fun any more. You always do so. Thats how it should be all the time. Many players AND admins can take an example from your way of playing. Thanks for that.
  • Id gladly switch jobs/schooling with anyone of you for a week or two if you think i dont deal with an exuberant amount of bullshit.

    Dont sweat the small stuff, let school be the best time of your life, because life gets harder the moment you graduate high school... take it from someone who wishes to go back
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