Job ranks/levels, new jobs, voice question

    • Job ranks/levels, new jobs, voice question

      Suggestion to add rebel and CP jobs. ima pay for that cop one doe. shits mine i thought it. pm me details

      can slap a hoe, similar to sm_push command
      turns boxes/afk into 'contract hoes'
      hoes pay up some or pimp taketh all (slap dead body)
      maybe implement a feature where the money flies out of the hoe pocket
      player says some pimp shit after chokin a bitch

      Stanford Schwimmer (David Schwimmer, counseling MD)
      offers new players help, small gifts, consolation, realty
      can sm_rape to fuck ANYONE from behind
      really fast in the water
      reduced jail time

      Hard Cop
      has a BT heroine prescription
      immediately gets high when confiscating drugs
      kills mic spammers when triggered
      character model looks reeeally fucking retarded like sylvester stalone after dirty sprite
      TURRETS? +$
      prints money for the gov " "

      The thought of adding a reputation/rank system within jobs.
      Stripper job example, from sex
      Simple bitch: Just money
      Classy Hoe: Money, max HP 150
      Supreme Hoe: Money, max HP 169
      Nova: Money, max HP 200
      Sasha Grey: Money, max HP 210, spawns with stunstick (vibrator)

      Last, can a command be attached to a player callout sound originated from the player location? (sm_voice1 - "my gut") etc.

      will update list

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