Nova's Introduction

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    • Nova's Introduction

      Figured I would make one of these since not everyone knows me lol. I'll try not to get too emotional though.

      Age: 21
      I started playing when I was 15 almost,16 thanks to my brother Sir.RaZor. I played for about a year until I left for 2 years and just recently came back November of last year. I work a really easy but crappy job but I cant complain because the money is good.

      Now that we know all that lets get started on my younger years. Ive always been the odd one in my family. I don't really remember much from my childhood I remember bits and pieces from the ages of 12-14 when I first started getting all depressive and stuff. Can't remember what caused it really. At 16 I lost my best friend to suicide and everything sorta fell apart then, i started drinking very heavily which led to many bad choices. I stayed on that path until I was 19. It took me 3 years to get my life together. Wasn't easy but I did it. Had a job working with people who have developmental disabilities, got fired because one of the individuals went all crazy ex stalkerish on me one day when I refused to work with him for a day. But I almost never had a day off there and I was working 24 hours most of the time. Got the job I have now which had a rotating schedule, I work 2 days, have 2 days off and then work 3 days and the next week its the opposite. I like having every other weekend off truthfully. Its not a bad job to do for 12 hours just sometimes a little crazy. I play when I can. I help the new players as much as I can. And that's all I've got but feel free to ask any questions.
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