[Resolved] "Undercover" Cop

  • [Resolved] "Undercover" Cop

    Your name: ¤ Danilo ¤

    Your steam id: STEAM_0:0:24223188

    Description of the bug: A jailed player, by using the command /switch will be switched to combine, then die and get respawned as a citizen in jail. After being unjailed, the player will respawn as a citizen with cop equipment and being capable of cuffing. Basically, you are a fully working cop with all it's restrictions and stuff, but appear as a citizen, in score-tab and to everyone. This could be abused by players to trick people somehow.

    How to recreate the bug: get jailed, type /switch, wait, enjoy your undercovercop thingy.

    Does the bug cause a server crash?: Nope

    Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them: Idk, i didnt test further.