Player Market & Dynamic Vendors

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    • Player Market & Dynamic Vendors

      Both need to pass in order for one to be added, for obvious reasons.

      Dynamic vendors would entail a limited stock quantity in stores, with higher end things being set to lower stock values. These stock values would reset every 60 minutes and as stock falls out the prices increases by a percentage.

      The player market would allow for buying/selling items and would make way for crafting and sale of higher end goods, thus allowing players to buy/sell catalysts and finished products and/or shop stock in order to supplement the boring style of static and fixed vendors.

      Tl;Dr: vendors have limited stock that as it drops it increases price by .1-2% and goods can be bought/sold on the market by players

    • it sounds like a good idea it seems styled to 06 runescape stores so dose that mean for example price would also go down if players sell to store and then it would have more in the stock or would sold weapons just go poof into thin air? i would like that better than it just going poof.

      the player market i think would need more info on though so it would be like could only buy higher weapons off players and how would the crafting work eta.

      and the stock how exactly dose it entail it going up or down? that one sounds confusing lol at first glance thught was describing the store item stock being limited and would reset every 60 mins wich i assume it would at same time as stock.
    • I'm sure we were discussing this on the server just the other day. This is a great idea, crafting to the high end to sell on the market making the time used in the process valuable rather than sitting in your house waiting for your plant to grow.

      I think crafting would add a massive boost to the server popularity. Potential for Craft only items there too.

      I think the player market would really bring people closer together in a sense. No more scam trades firstly. Items go on the market. Once they sell your money is banked / ready to collect?

      I like the whole idea of this post. Would be great to see something new going on :)