Landlord Job

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    • Landlord Job

      Now this probably sounds fuckin stupid dash but ah what the fuck

      Ah cool thing to have would be like people owning a whole apt complex and comin up with their own door prices with the money going to owner/landlord upon purchasing a door in the complex

      Just popped into my head so i thought id post it here
    • Honestly, in all practicality, this would most likely not work.

      Back when I played, I had a lot of fun taking the "landlord" title... that is, find the mansion with the most rooms and rent each one out individually.

      In your proposal, the perks would either be too OP for the landlord.. abusable.. or, just plain lazy.

      Now, I'm gonna flip this around and tell you how it could work:

      Being a landlord would have to be a secondary perk, and only allows taxes from any door purchase within the complex.
      example: 5%/10%/15% --20% at most sent to landlords bank.

      This status would need to be renewed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and require payment to upkeep. If payment is not made, the complex would be assumed "owned by the bank"

      As a secondary note:
      I am not a developer, I do not have the power to make any of this happen.. I'm mostly just here to help your proposal along.
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