Job - Graffiti Artist

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    • Job - Graffiti Artist

      Graffiti Artist

      Job: Run Around to custom spawn points while being timed, and press and hold the use key on the wall for 5-15 variable seconds. The total time spent spraying the objectives would be how much you get paid. Example, for 5 Graffiti Walls spending 85 seconds would give 7.5k (not including Variable Difficulty spawns). That would be the highest amount, because 5 * 15 is 75, and add in travel time with that, it would be considered flawless. The lowest would be 1k.

      • It's extremely interactive
      • It's a unique idea
      • Variable Difficulty (easy, medium, and hard spawns)
      • Medium cooldown time, based on difficulty spawn
      • Not good income?
      Ask Questions below if needed :P