Weed Ideas.

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    • weed

      Weed plays a rather big part part of the HL2DM server. To some its a source of income for them, To others its just something to do while afking. As this seems to be very popular there is a peeve i and a few others have about it. The time that it takes to reach its full capacity (300g) takes a long time. At this there is only a 3 plant max limit. Upon having your 3 plants placed and fully grown you only earn 900g which is about 6k on the market. This takes about 15 mins approximately which isnt too bad but it can take the piss growing if you want to make a bigger profit margin. What i think would be a good idea would be a new job/way about cultivating weed here. I was thinking like having grow-house/weed farm which can hold up to 15 plants which would grow at the normal rate but be worth it seeing as though its in bulk. This would require some maps made with this in mind but it would work in normal houses, All it is is space tbh and the plants are small anyways but it would be cool to have a warehouse,all it really is, is a max limit raise. Having this available to anyone would prove too op and would cause problems with eco (with everyone being rich due to this) a way to combat this would be having the bases/warehouses to grow weed in could cost about 900k - 1.2 Mil. This of course is only the location side of things but so to be able to grow all the 15 upon buying the property a new job "Cartel Leader" could come about only available to the doors owner. It would cause you to not be able to be in a gang or be cop due to it being another gang type system. With it being gang like it would be good to have other members in it. There would still be a level system like the gangs so that members are in a pointless trade. As you are a cartel leader you could send your lowers on drug runs to sell your weed and they get 35% of this maybe. This is just a rough idea seeing as though it popped into my head but yeah. Thisd be cool :thumbup:

    • I could see this being a thing but I see it more like the Hacker Job where I have to insert a Model(Terminals) into the Home of the person that wishes to Advance to it.
      Then maybe work like the Casino when putting down so there is a Zone which allows the mass growing(Easy to set up in a House).
      Place the Model down and a person could spend let's say $2,000,000 at the Model to Unlock the Job which strips them of Cop/Gang. The Job would just be a regular player when it comes to Health/Suit/Weapon (AKA 100 HP and thats it). The Job would grow only 3 plants when outside the designated zone but when inside it they can plant up to 9-12(Whatever is decided upon). Once they have purchased the Job the Model is then removed so others can't just walk in and purchase it then use the zone meant for that player.

    • Why not make gangs way more team based? Have roles in gangs that actually require teamwork, sorta like this. Top of the gang obviously profits the most, then the next in the hierarchy should be the farm owner, then the workers at the lowest point. Gangs should have a lot more risk involved, like mutiny the current leader, having like 3/4ths of the workers including the farm owner vote to put the farm worker in charge, putting the leader to the bottom, if the vote passes. If the vote fails however, there should be a reduced income from the gang itself. +1 to this post