RP Festivity V1 - Released.

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    • RP Festivity V1 - Released.

      After a very brief conversation with Hand Of Doom. I found myself rather convinced to give creating another Roleplay map a shot. It's been over a year since I've touched source so returning to this engines limitations will be fairly annoying. I will continue to help xBio when needed.

      I spent around 5 hours working on it tonight, texturing and modeling. I may pull parts of Plaza19 into this map as well to speed things up. Though the majority of this map will be brand new & made from scratch as were all my other projects.

      Day #1 (This version has been discontinued)
      Display Spoiler

      Bank #1 - Yes I'm aware the statue is facing the wrong way. Turns out Valve offers prop_detail to us which isn't even a valid entity and results in valid models being errors.

      Low End Housing #1 - A level of detail you can expect throughout the map.

      Overview - Nothing too special you can see the overall scene and what has been made. I am considering making a raised railway with a support style much similar to the raised railway in GTA-IV outside of the first safe house.
      This is to be seen as the cities lower end district.

      I do not know yet if I will stick to the darker theme or if I will switch to a more lightened uptown theme. I only have so many ways to layout valves limited selection of brick textures before they get repetitive. Along side trying to keep buildings being too blocky as many roleplay maps have done in the past.

      Day #2 (This version has been discontinued)
      Display Spoiler

      Today we make some big layout changes. The slums apartment complex has been temporarily removed to allow for the addition of the 'underway' section. This area is meant to allow for more 'off-road' playing space so the map isn't just a bunch of buildings and interconnecting streets. This also allows me to emphasize the fact that if you have a home in this area of the map, you are in the underground, the slums. I am also playing with a darker themed map by changing the lighting to a night time style.

      The night time will allow me the play with lighting and make the map look bigger then it is. Source does have its limits and this map won't be huge. So the correct usage of lighting can make the spaces feel larger than they are all the while giving this map a darker tone. It also allows me to hide areas of the map that will receive minimal attention better as the brighter it is the more the player can easily see thus needing more to make an area look full.

      The slums overview.

      The local pub - unnamed. Beverages, food and drugs (i.e heroin, not growing supplies) could be sold here.
      Interior semi-complete.

      Slums Apartment #2 - A smaller complex around the size of the bank. Housing in here will be VERY basic. About the size of rooms in the complex above the subway in rp_uptown_v2. I will be able to fit about 30 homes within this building. At the rear I will be adding a gang base accessible by the pathway on it's side.

      That is all for Day 2. I didn't have as much time to work on this today, around 3 hours. I had an unexpected appointment to attend to.

      Day #3 (This version has been discontinued)

      Day #4
      Display Spoiler

      I had begun working on rp_skies recently and during the production of the maps snow biome, I found out I rather enjoy the techniques I could use playing with fog, snowfall, and snow displacements. Now combining the original RP maps city design & the snowy theme of rp_skies's biome has thus far made for an excellent combination.

      The following apartment complex is the first structure I made with these new models. I am very pleased with how it has turned out. It is good to note that the windows on buildings such as these are models. So on the inside the homes inside will not have any windows to look outside. But, at least the map will look very pretty visually.

      This is the police department, currently lacking a interior. I hope it's exterior says enough about itself being a police department thus far.

      A cheeky cute little train station. It is what it is, no more then filler.

      Current beta1.5 framerate log when looking over the entire map.

      I am running this map as a public beta as I had done with rp_plaza19. If anyone wants to test it at any point you can join. Information on FPS drops & lighting issues would be appreciated. I do not have any interest in texture / model placement bugs. It's too early for me to be concerned about those bugs. I am aware of missing texture issues on Beta 1.
      Beta server:
      Current download size: 15mb

      Day #5
      Display Spoiler

      Day 5 adds in 3 new buildings and many new details throughout the map.

      The Furniture Store to the Left.
      Gun Store to the Right, with some housing above it.

      Cafe Murr Murr, as it is currently called. This building is an export from my previous map Plaza19, with very slight alterations to make it fit in with its new surroundings.

      Day #6
      Display Spoiler

      Day 6! Half a week of production and it's come so far!
      I only spent about 3 hours today doing optimization and sky box finalization. Closing in this main part of the level. All we have left to do is add in the mansions and I'd on a lazy day call the map complete.
      However I'd like to add in a wilderness with maybe some ice fishing huts? (courtesy of Nova's suggestion for Greaser) a dead body under the rubble (Pizza's Suggestion) a fully functional hockey rink (Handy) and last but not least.. a 1v1 deathmatch arena entire map controlled for a fair fight. No need for Staff/Cops to initiate like we had in Fremancity.

      Other less intrusive plans are for external spawns handled by the map and NOT server placed points. I will handle this to avoid players crashing upon connect. A major issue we seem to be having on terminal right now. (not saying this is Kist's fault as it tends to happen on many maps/servers with a lot of entities being loaded on initial spawn.)

      without further a due, here are some update screenshots.

      Display Spoiler

      Day #7, The map has been unbearably hard to work with in editor, and I believe I am going to have to call it complete (This is also why the latest brushwork is less detailed and more 'blocky'). There was some extra expansion I wanted to do but overall for a Version 1, I am happy with what we have. A future Version 2 would likely include a second city. Two separate cities in one map? There is still a large amount of space me to play with with regards to sources hard limitations on brushes and entities.

      Koolaids First ever house on plaza19 is now in festivity! I'm sure this will make him happy to see and angry if you take it from him!

      M.A.V Inc. This building is just a giant custom model cluster fuck for admin to db_duplicate for players. If sold this building will cost 100m+ a great goal you hardcore money makers. Also why not have a little shameless self promotion?

      Hockey Rink, This one is for handy. It is in it's own section of the map for optimization purposes.

      I hope you all enjoy this current release. If Cold Community hl2dm is still alive by summer, I may make more for this except in a summer edition in order to accommodate the season we will be in.

      Bug testing will take place over few days with some slight additions adjustments here and there.

      CURRENT BUILD: v1 - Released.
      PUBLIC TESTING SERVER: Server Closed. Map Released.
      DOWNLOAD LATEST MAP FILE HERE: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1267173962

      Use the website to download the map as downloading off the game server itself is VERY slow.

      I will continue to update this thread with new content as I proceed with this level. I make no guarantee's that I will complete this project. However anything I make will be available to use by community members upon request.

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    • Did you end up finishing plaza?

      Bank looks good textured, maybe add some more rooms to the upper floor.

      I like the extruded bay windows on the houses. The awnings have a pretty sharp edge though.

      The buttresses on the brick apartment also seem a little thin.

      I wanna see a close up screenie of the textured bank exterior.
    • Uberkist wrote:

      Did you end up finishing plaza?

      Bank looks good textured, maybe add some more rooms to the upper floor.

      I like the extruded bay windows on the houses. The awnings have a pretty sharp edge though.

      The buttresses on the brick apartment also seem a little thin.

      I wanna see a close up screenie of the textured bank exterior.
      Plaza19 got to Beta 9, soon after/near the end of the server Plaza19 itself. I had gotten overwhelmed with work in my Game Development program and had to shut it all down. There was still a lot that could of been added to it, but I really don't want to pickup on a project I've had dormant for over a year.

      I'm not incredibly concerned with the awnings as giving them more shape would be extra brushes where it is rather unnecessary. I'm finding a fine blend of extra shape you wouldn't normally get in a typical hl2dm role-play map without over doing it and wasting resources.

      I can add rooms to the bank rear, but not extruding to the sides as it would impose on buildings I plan on making. I was hesitant on having rooms to buy inside the bank at all. As I feel homes within a bank is rather overpowered. Same as I feel a drug vendor/buyer should never have attached homes that don't require the player to travel for at least 5 seconds in the street.

      Improvements are still to be made on the outside of the bank. If I did add say a raised road like I did on plaza19, I want this bank to look like a supporting structure. As well as the girth of the brick pillars emphasize that this is a bank, a secure strong building. This is area in my mind is the lower end slums district.

      Front of bank:
    • RP_Skies

      Major changes and an entirely new direction. The original map was pretty... underwhelming. It was sticking to a pretty standard theme and after a little discussion.. I thought, "Hey, Why not a city in the sky?" or at least the feel of one in the sky.

      I've come up with a biome system that should work rather well. The city will be split up into four major sections with smaller branching sections where we see fit. These four major sections will be connected by a Hub(See spoiler).

      The illusion is that of a subway system. You go underground, enter one of these 'White Rooms' and you're transported to the Hub. When you're in the Hub you can go into any other WR and find yourself in completely different biome. WR's will be labeled or given entities that staff can set look notices on.

      I guess I should add that classes are resuming this week thanks to government intervention. So, working on this will probably slow way the hell down between a upcoming Job, Classes and Twitch streaming.

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    • The Festivity.

      Playing around with a Winter / Christmas themed level. I have many new models and textures that allow me to play into this theme in great detail while maintaining exceedingly high frame rates.

      See Day #4 update in the OP for more information & screenshots.
    • test server is up with the map running well

      did an initial test and here are some thoughts:

      map dl took about 1 minute and 30 seconds

      i was then greeted by a soothing accordion inside a abandoned bar to which i greatly enjoyed. I then ventured out and about checking the pd, shops and a few apartments. Everything seemed to be good, no texture bugs or anything.

      The atmosphere of this map is something we have not seen in this game very often. rp_terminal was like this atmospheric sort, and is part of the reason i liked that map so much.

      it is very unique in making you feel like your in some sort of hl2 themed eastern European town in mid December. Its a good snow themed map without being too much in your face
      with the snow effects.

      Inital spawn with no npcs or props has the ent count at 800 exactly.

      Fps is also locked at 144 for me pretty much everywhere i go.

      I say we can run this map next if we want. I would like to do some more testing but i think you could run any form of rp gamemode on this map and it would work flawlessly