admin abusing power

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  • eldrun wrote:

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  • Hey dog. Was you on at the time? Or has someone gave you screenshots of this being said whilst you was off the game? If you was ingame and this happened there would've been a (1)by their name so it looks more to it being an admin using fakesay like hand of doom said.
  • well, if this joke touched ur feeling then sorry, but i don't see any aboose here, you could just say it in game. And why you even care about it, just bad joke, nobody seen that, only me and u. I don't see anything in rules about /fakesay. Sorry if it's important to you
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  • HAND OF DOOM wrote:

    According to the Urban Dictionary , Admin Abuse .....

    "When an administrator in online games, message boards, or servers, misuse their power. Often by becoming power hungry and causing trouble just for their own amusement."
    Oh snap, ladies and gents. Hand throwing down the book.

    However in terms of impersonation the only user I know of that does this a lot is Chameleon. I use Steam nicknames on everyone I encounter just for this specific reason.

    If Chameleons profile has been looked up recently pulls complete name history with partial name censoring. You'd be able to see if he ever used OP's name in the past.
  • Sounds to me like the use of /fakesay. Although not a BIG problem, some things may offend certain players. Especially if said player as Doom said is not in on the "joke" I see no problem with using /fakesay as a bit of a joke sometimes. But if it is being used to get under a players skin then I see that as an unlawful use of a command, which I would class as "abuse of power" In my opinion. But as I was not there when said situation happened I cannot have any real input into this.
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  • polnikola wrote:

    but i don't see any aboose here
    This is obviously admin abuse , and Polnikolas "apology" is simply insulting. Although this is considered a minor infraction , it's still worthy of a complaint. We appreciate the original poster pointing this out to us. I'll get other admins opinions on this to see what , or if any , action should be taken against this admin.
  • HAND OF DOOM wrote:

    "misuse their power. causing trouble just for their own amusement."
    Your quote from The Urban Dictionary fits in here perfectly, tbh. (Took a couple bits out to make it fit in to this situation) As I and others have stated, however it may be only something small. It has obviously caused a conflict. I personally don't see the need for drastic measures to be taken out on said administrator. I however would like to see at least some attempt of resolving this matter from them. Starting off with a genuine apology would be a great place to start.
    The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting
  • As hand of doom said, even if it is minor it is an abuse of power. He obviously didnt think your joke was funny, and you continuing to defend it as a joke (which you used admin power to pull off) is not acceptable.

    Baron, I apologize that a staff memeber of the community has done this to you, as previously stated the team will discuss it. If you have anything left to add feel free to message me or any of the other staff members.

    Locked; under review.