Announcement Map Change and Economy Reset 12/07/17

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    • Map Change and Economy Reset 12/07/17

      Map Change and Economy Reset


      Now! As of 12-07-2017 the server is up, fully functional

      What? : The server has been reset fully as our yearly cycle continues, and the map has been changed.

      Where?: We have changed the map to RP_Terminal, a Map made by Uberkist.
      Note: If you have beta tested any of the previous rp_terminal maps, Delete them from your hl2mp/downloads/maps folder before joining.


      All new map with Half life 2 inspired theme

      NPC events with cash rewards, Spawnable via PD buttons

      -However much % damage you do to the npc, a payout will be given.

      FPS boosted thanks to ideas from MavFree

      Terminal tvs that show an image of a camera feed that is hidden in the pd.

      low entity count for higher uptimes

      HL2DM Christmas Prizes!
      You heard right, for those that play actively on the new server there will be future prizes given out by staff in hl2dm.