[Resolved] Plants/printers spawn with irregular size

  • [Resolved] Plants/printers spawn with irregular size

    Your name: 420Alex

    Your Steam ID:

    Description of the Bug:
    Entities spawned are taking the size of other resized entities that may have been deleted.
    When an admin attempts to resize them back to their normal size, this error occurs..
    [RP] Resizing only works on entities spawned via db_create, sm_create, or db_create_throw.

    One plant I spawned took up the entire room with its model, another one was barely visible at .1 size

    How to recreate the Bug:
    sm_plant or sm_print (have to get lucky w/ entity ID)

    Does the bug cause a server crash?:

    Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them:

    Other information:
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  • I believe this happens with a lot of non DB spawned entities (Trash, money, printers and weed) and as you said resizing does not work due to the fact that they are spawned in VIA the plugin and not administrative commands. The majority if not every time this has happened to me, It seems only I am the one that can see it, in it's resized state. Which is fine. Not sure if others may be able to see it, in it's resized state though. If so, it could cause players to easily see others plants etc through walls and so on.
    Other information:
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