[RESOLVED] Gang Does Not Strip Cop

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  • [RESOLVED] Gang Does Not Strip Cop

    Your name: PiB, Puss in Boots, Puss in Booooooooooots

    Your steam id: STEAM_0:0:219024320

    Description of the bug:
    I created a gang. The gang was successfully created, my money was taken and I know I am a member because I have the tag thingy. Unfortunately, when I typed /switch the game crashed. Then, when I rejoined and typed /switch I was switched to cop. When I looked in the wiki, it says that the game would strip your cop in favor of the gang position, so using the /switch command should work (admittedly, I didn't know it stripped my cop beforehand, but since this is still a bug I figured I'd report it).

    How to recreate the bug:
    I have no idea. There were no unusual circumstances surrounding my gang creation (other than maybe that I was in the pd NOT as a cop).

    Does the bug cause a server crash?:
    Nope, just my game client.

    Items, money, etc lost due to this bug. Please include inventory and stats screenshots if you have them:
    $250,000 and no cents