reintroducing myself

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    • reintroducing myself

      hello, my name is vraua. aka OmNom, i am a (almost) 17 year old guy from croatia.

      I had a pretty good start at the server back in 2015-2016, i've only played rp once before on dr.daii's rp with mr bean, that server is gone now, i haven't played too much, mostly 50 hours tops probably, then i saw another server by the name cold community, i was curious to see what it was, when i joined i asked what was "this" server about, i was immedieatly helped by the great community (i'd like to thank 420alex the most because he's the one of the first that helped the most), ever since then i have been in love with this community, but there was a dark age, where i was a little edgy fucktard that thought he was a "master troll", so i just started trolling everyone on the server... i regret that shit now, it's so embarassing, but now i think that i am both infamous by half the older players, and loved by the other, even new players seem to like me, but people have mixed opinions.

      as for my life, real talk i have alot of psychological problems, which span from anger issues, to anxiety, to even more fucked up shit that i don't even know but it's not really relevant so i'm not gonna talk about it here. but i'm known to be a good friend irl and straight up honest with everyone, even if it's negative, i will never be afraid to say something. (btw i'm not a beta cuck if anyone wonders, i go outside)

      also know that every time i say some insulting shit or anything just know i mean well, i'm not gonna hate anyone personally unless they're a huge cunt to me, there is a huge line between how people act in games and real life...

      god bless (even tho if don't believe in god)